Unmanned Vessels to Take Over Our Seas?

first_imgzoom Researchers at Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) believe that in ten to twenty years time there will be 200 metre cargo vessels plying the oceans without the need of a captain or crew.“But before this can happen, we will be seeing the technology working on an existing vessel,” according to Sintef, Scandinavia’s largest independent research body.75% of accidentscaused by human errorThe Sintef company MARINTEK is one of eight partners working intensely to develop systems which can function without human intervention.Both day and night watches will be taken care of by a control centre onshore, and the Norwegian researchers believe that a 3 to 4 Mbit broadband connection will ensure effective communication between the vessel and the control room.“There aren’t many willing to believe it, but if the project partners succeed in overcoming the challenges we are currently working with, vessels such as this will in fact be safer than many of those on the high seas today”, says researcher Ørnulf Rødseth. “Human error, solely or in part, is the cause of more than 75 per cent of today’s vessel accidents”, he says.Lower speeds, less fuelAccording to Sintef, the basis of the project is that merchant shipping in Europe is suffering from the fact that fewer people are interesting in working at sea. It’s not an attractive job sitting cooped up in a vessel looking out over the empty ocean for 14 days, and with only limited contact with family and friends.At the same time, the volumes of goods being transported are increasing considerably and the freighters must be crewed. There are more than a hundred thousand merchant ships in operation around the world, and some areas, such as the English Channel, are constantly overcrowded.“Unmanned vessels, looking after themselves, may be the answer to the problem of making the maritime industry more attractive and sustainable. Such ships can reduce speeds, for example from 16 to 11 knots, and in doing so save 50 per cent of the fuel they burn today. CO2 and other emissions will be reduced and the shipping industry will make massive savings due to lower fuel consumption. Currently, fuel represents by far the largest share of operational costs. If the industry can also save on salary expenditures, it will accept that journeys may take a week or so longer than they do today,” Sintef said.Rolls-Royce Unmanned Ship Design“Well, the technology for electronic positioning, satellite communications and anti-collision measures already exists”, he says. “Many vessels are also equipped with advanced sensor systems. It is one thing to have the technology, but quite another to bring it all together and demonstrate that it works well enough to satisfy the authorities and the industry”, says Rødseth. “This is why there is a lot of talk about the costs issue, as well as the concerns of shipowners and the general public. We mustn’t forget that current rules and legislation all assume that there are PEOPLE ON BOARD”, he says.In order to change the law, researchers will have to demonstrate that safety is as least as good as on existing vessels. For example, even if a sensor system detects an obstacle, the vessel has to be intelligent enough to process the information in order to avoid a collision.Researchers believe that developments such as this will emerge gradually. For example, there will be a transition phase during which it will be safe for crews to sleep at night with the bridge unmanned.“SINTEF investing 12 million”In order to carry through its tasks, SINTEF has invested NOK 12 million of its own funds in a project it has called Seatonomy. MUNIN is one of four projects with the aim of identifying problems and developing methods and tools to provide safe and cost-effective autonomous systems.“There is a need for safe, inexpensive and more robust autonomous vessels in many of SINTEF’s research fields, including aquaculture, the offshore wind and subsea sectors, and in connection with oil and gas production and mineral exploitation. Safety is key across all these fields, and the systems developed must be cost-effective”, says Rødseth.Many players on the bandwagonThe German research institute Fraunhofer is heading the MUNIN project. Sweden is working on research into the control centre, and Germany on the machinery and navigation. Ireland is looking into the legislative aspects.There are similar projects taking place in many other places. In its futures report, Det Norske Veritas GL considered autonomous vessels to be a realistic prospect in the longer term.Rolls Royce has published conceptual sketches for its own autonomous vessel design, and Oskar Levander, who heads Rolls Royce’s research activities in this field in Ålesund, believes that a single ‘skipper’ on land will be able to operate ten vessels.This idea still appears to be on the drawing board, and Ørnulf Rødseth is confident that the MUNIN project has advanced much further in terms of both technology and analytical work.Unmanned bridge ( credits: MUNIN@Thomas-Porathe)This is the vessel of the future. And you are allowed to toy around with future trends. Rødseth freely admits that many different and peculiar ideas have appeared on his team’s drawing boards. One good example is the use of water jets.“Large cargo vessels are equipped with a main engine and a reserve engine”, he says. “The latter supplies reserve electricity, and is powerful enough to power a water jet which can be used for propulsion and steering if the main engine fails.Changing the type of fuel is another idea. The heavy oils used today are tar-like dregs. In order to avoid maintenance, autonomous vessels will probably have to run on lighter, more expensive, fuels.“Less expensive, liquid natural gas might be the answer here”, says Rødseth. “But this will involve designing the vessels from scratch.”The research team has to be realistic and design a model which they know is achievable, Sintef explained.Source: Sintef, September 10, 2014last_img read more

Michael Moore Launches TrumpiLeaks

first_imgConvinced that, if not already then imminently, Donald Trump will violate the American constitution, obstruct justice, lie to Americans and/or encourage and support acts of violence (such things that could land an ordinary person in jail), activist and documentary producer Michael Moore wants the American president to know that he in fact is not above the law.“He acts like he’s above the law. He’s stated that he’s above the law. And by firing Sally Yates, Preet Bharara and James Comey (3 federal officials with some authority to hold him accountable) he’s taken the first few steps to make it official,” said Moore in early June.Moore fears the damage to the world that would be caused if Trump were to remain in the White House for two terms – until January 20, 2025. His four-part strategy to confront Trump is, “1) Mass citizen action; 2) Run candidates who can win; 3) Tie him up with court orders and injunctions; and, my personal favorite – 4) Form an Army of Satirists with the belief that we can bring him down with humor, comedy and ridicule – simply because his awfully thin skin just can’t take it.”Item 4 for Moore begins with his own 12-week Broadway show, which will begin at the end of July. But, while such examples as Karen Silkwood, who fought for nuclear safety, Sherron Watkins, who exposed Enron’s accounting tricks, Jeffrey Wigand, who was integral in regulating tobacco companies, and more recently Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, Moore sees the need for avenues to enable would-be whistleblowers within and outside of the Trump administration.To this end, Moore has created a page on his website called TrumpiLeaks, which offers ways to privately communicate with Moore and his team using high-powered encryption technology.“I know this is risky,” says Moore, “I know we may get in trouble. But too much is at stake to play it safe. And along with the Founding Fathers, I’ve got your back.”Copyright ©2017Look to the Starslast_img read more

Vijayan slams Shah for calling Wayanad as Pakistan

first_imgWayanad (Kerala): Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Thursday slammed BJP President Amit Shah for calling Wayanad, from where Congress President Rahul Gandhi is contesting the Lok Sabha elections, as Pakistan. Shah, while campaigning in North India, pointed out that Wayanad resembles Pakistan as he referred to the innumerable green flags of the Indian Union Muslim League, the second biggest ally of the Congress, during Gandhi’s visit. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c detailsSpeaking at an election rally here, Vijayan said it was strange that Shah had no clue about Wayanad and its historical relevance. “What does he know of Wayanad? It’s here that the legendary warrior king Pazhassi Raja staunchly fought the British. And without knowing history, he (Shah) relates this place with Pakistan,” said a fuming Vijayan. Kerala goes to the polls on April 23 to elect 20 Lok Sabha members. The Marxist leader held a road show along with four of his cabinet colleagues. Gandhi is pitted against CPI leader P.P. Suneer and BDJS (BJP ally) Chairperson Tushar Vellapally.last_img read more

Joe Sophie get married in Vegas

first_imgLas Vegas: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas tied the knot in a surprise wedding in Las Vegas, barely hours after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards concluded. According to E! News, the ‘Game of Thrones’ star and the Jonas Brothers member headed straight to a Sin City wedding chapel to exchange vows post the BBMAs. At the event, Joe and his brothers – Kevin and Nick – performed their first awards show since announcing their reunion earlier this year. The couple, who announced their engagement in October 2017, obtained a marriage license Wednesday. It was through DJ Diplo’s Instagram account that fans and the media got to know about the impromptu nuptials.last_img read more

Maldives Commission rejects coup allegations

Addressing the nation after accepting the report the Maldivian President called for calm and national unity and urged the public to work for the betterment of the country. The MDP has however refused to accept the report as Nasheed’s nominee to the commission resigned just a day before the report was released claiming he could not carry out his mandated duties.Nasheed and MDP supporters also commenced street protests on Wednesday night against the government after earlier suspending the protests to pave the way for dialogue.A tight police presence was seen in the capital in order to ensure law and order prevails during the release of the key report. Former President Mohamed Nasheed and his political party the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) had been protesting since February alleging that Nasheed was forced to resign. A Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI) in the Maldives has found that current President Mohamed Waheed Hassan assumed office in February in accordance with the law.The final report by the commission was made public after a copy was handed over to the President on Thursday. Amidst calls for an independent investigation by the commonwealth and others in the international community, President Waheed appointed the Commission of National Inquiry.“There is no question but that each step prescribed by the Constitution regarding resignation of the President and assumption of office by an incoming President was fulfilled. The assumption of office of the President by Dr. Waheed on the afternoon of 7 February 2012 was in accordance with the Constitution,” the CoNI report said. The Commission meanwhile called for the strengthening of the rule of law so that the institutions of the State may enjoy the public confidence necessary for a democratic society. It also called for investigations over allegations concerning police brutality and acts of intimidation. read more

Feds wont say how much was paid to protect Ottawa from LacMegantic

by Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press Posted Apr 27, 2016 2:04 pm MDT Last Updated Apr 27, 2016 at 3:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Feds won’t say how much was paid to protect Ottawa from Lac-Megantic lawsuits OTTAWA – The federal government used taxpayer money to shield itself from lawsuits related to the deadly Lac-Megantic rail disaster — but it’s refusing to say how much it paid.Ottawa denies any legal responsibility for the fiery 2013 oil-train derailment that killed 47 people, even though it was released from liability by contributing to a $460-million settlement fund for victims and creditors affected by the crash.At least two of the other 24 other settling parties accused of wrongdoing connected to the accident have disclosed how much it cost them to avoid potential damages and legal fees.So far, the Liberal government is staying mum.“That’s a classified amount, but we made a contribution because we felt that it was important,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau said Wednesday in Toronto when asked about the settlement.“We don’t acknowledge that we had any responsibility; however, we did want to make a contribution because of the impact of this terrible tragedy in Lac-Megantic.”The federal decision to settle may have been made to avoid the cost of fighting the allegations in court. But it also suggests the government was concerned it could have been found liable for damages.Had it not settled, the Canadian government would have faced numerous lawsuits linked to the crash on both sides of the border, said the U.S.-based bankruptcy trustee for the company at the centre of the crash — Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway.“None of these things were acts of altruism,” said Robert Keach, referring to the 25 parties that paid into the settlement fund.“They definitely contributed because they were being threatened with legal liability.”Contractually speaking, however, the arrangement explicitly states the settling parties are not acknowledging any liability with their contributions, Keach said in a phone interview from Maine.“But of course they’re paying money.”Garneau met with Lac-Megantic residents Tuesday to mark rail safety week. He heard locals reiterate their long-standing demand for a new bypass route that would steer trains away from the downtown core, part of which was obliterated by the spectacular crash.Lac-Megantic resident Gilles Fluet said people left the meeting with unanswered questions. Some had also hoped to ask about repairs on the existing tracks.On Wednesday, Garneau announced Ottawa would allocate $10.9 million to make more than 400 rail crossings safer in Canada.Bruce Campbell, a visiting fellow at the University of Ottawa’s law department, said the government has a responsibility to be more transparent about the disaster and the settlement.Campbell, who has studied and written about the derailment, noted that Ottawa was open about its $60-million commitment to the town a couple of weeks after the crash.“This is the taxpayers of Canada that are paying the shot here, but I think, perhaps, the greater obligation is to the people of Lac-Megantic,” said Campbell, who’s on leave from his role as executive director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives think tank.“Whatever (the government) contributed, it’s disinclined to admit any role in this, even though I think the Transportation Safety Board did say it played a role, that there was causality there.”The TSB’s 2014 report on the accident said Transport Canada failed to recognize MM&A had urgent safety problems and was not following the rules.It also said the department failed to audit safety procedures at the railway and didn’t do enough inspections.“Who was the guardian of public safety?” Wendy Tadros, the then-head of the TSB, said at the time.“That is the role of the government — to provide checks, balances and oversight.”Lisa Raitt, who was Canada’s transport minister at the time, responded to the report by saying the government’s role in safety was to put the rules in place. The companies, the Conservative minister added, were expected to follow those regulations — something she said MM&A did not do.A couple of months later Raitt introduced safety protocols, including stricter hand-brake requirements for parked trains, more research on volatile crude oil and a rule that short-line rail companies, such as MM&A, submit training plans for review.Transport Canada would also seek 10 new safety auditors across Canada, Raitt said.Following the derailment, the Canadian government was targeted in lawsuits — as were about two dozen other parties, Keach said.Last year, Irving Oil announced it had contributed $75 million to the settlement fund. The train was transporting crude oil to Irving’s refinery in Saint John, N.B.“We fully support the establishment of the fund as an industry-wide response to the tragedy, which will provide substantial payments without further lengthy legal proceedings,” Irving said in a March 2015 statement.World Fuel Services Corp., the U.S. company that owned the oil aboard the train, provided US$110 million.“We believe that participating in the settlement and contributing to the compensation fund is in the best interests of our shareholders and will also aid in providing closure to those affected by this tragic accident,” Michael Kasbar, the company’s chairman and CEO, said in a June 2015 statement.— with files from Paola Loriggio in TorontoFollow @AndyBlatchford on Twitter read more

Free parking in Zone 1 and 2 begins Tuesday

Brock’s new parking model, which will introduce free parking in Zone 1 and 2 during spring and summer, will begin Tuesday, May 1.Faculty, staff and students, as well as campus visitors, are reminded that from May 1 to Aug. 31 permits are not required to park in Zone 1 and 2 on weekdays or weekends. Parking is still prohibited in both zones from 2 to 5 a.m.Seasonal signage will be posted in the near future to direct drivers to the free lots. As part of the transition, all annual permit holders will receive a one-time reimbursement for May 1 to Aug. 31 rates. Permit holders are reminded that permits are still required in all lots except Zone 1 and 2.For more information on the refund process and frequently asked questions about the new parking model, visit brocku.ca/parking read more

Womens Volleyball No 25 Ohio State loses one but wins two matches

The OSU women’s volleyball team celebrates after a win against Michigan State on Oct. 22. The Buckeyes won the match 3-0. Credit: Luke Swartz | For The LanternThe No. 25 Ohio State women’s volleyball (7-4) hosted the Buckeye Invitational this weekend, losing on Friday to Western Kentucky, 3-0, at St. John Arena before bouncing back that night with a win against Northern Illinois, 3-1, and another victory the next day versus Dayton at the Capital Center in Bexley. Western KentuckyOhio State returned to St. John Arena Friday to play its first game of the weekend against Western Kentucky, who picked up an early lead in the first set.Middle blocker Madison Smeathers contributed five of her team’s 13 kills, but the Hilltoppers took the first set 25-17.The Buckeyes began the second set with with four matched points, but could not hold on to the lead as Western Kentucky pulled ahead to take the second set, 25-20.Setter Taylor Hughes and outside hitter Ashley Wenz each tallied four kills in the third set, but WKU won 25-16, defeating Ohio State in a 3-0 sweep.Despite the loss, outside hitter Ayanna Swan was responsible for eight kills in the first start of her career. Alongside Swan, Smeathers assisted her team with 10 kills.“Western Kentucky is a great team and you’ve got to give them credit for coming out with a bang,” outside hitter Luisa Schirmer said.Northern IllinoisThe Buckeyes returned to St. John Arena Friday night to play their second match of the day, this time taking on Northern Illinois.Ohio State battled back-and-forth with the Huskies early in the first set with three early ties and two lead changes, but the Buckeyes quickly found their tempo.Swan carried her momentum from the previous match into this one, recording seven kills in the first set, leading the Buckeyes to their first victory of the day, taking the set 25-19.The Huskies started the second set strong, but the Buckeyes were able to match the Huskies’ high energy with 13 kills and 19 digs. Ohio State took the second set 25-21.The Huskies picked up the lead in the third set and the Buckeyes trailed with only one tied score. The Buckeyes did not find their momentum fast enough to catch up to the Huskies, as Northern Illinois’ middle blocker Chrystal McAlpin contributed four kills to the set. The Huskies had a total of four blocks against Ohio State.Northern Illinois took the third set 25-22, sending the match to its fourth set.The Buckeyes took the lead to begin the fourth set and never looked back. Middle blocker Lauren Witte was responsible for five kills, with a total of 17 for the Buckeyes.With a .394 hitting percentage, 13 digs and four blocks, Ohio State took the set 25-18, beating the Huskies 3-1.DaytonThe Buckeyes’ final game of the weekend seemed the most intense as both Ohio State and Dayton fans enthusiastically cheered each team on at Capital Center in Bexley, Saturday afternoon.With a win and a loss under their belts, the Buckeyes played an energetic first set against the Flyers. Both teams played a close game, but with 23 digs and 18 kills, Ohio State took the set 25-22.The Buckeyes picked up the pace in the second set, leaving the Flyers behind them with a 17-10 score by the middle of the set. Although the Flyers tried to catch up, the Buckeyes took the second set 25-18. Despite the loss, Dayton saw a strong performance from its outside hitter Lauren Bruns who tallied six kills with a .385 hitting percentage.Tensions rose in the third set as both teams battled back-and-forth for the win in a match filled with 12 tied scores and nine lead changes. The Buckeyes were able to pull through 25-21, sweeping the Flyers in a 3-0 match.Outside hitters Ayanna Swan and Luisa Schirmer contributed 12 and 11 kills, respectively, to the match against Dayton, both earning spots on the Buckeye Invitational All-Tournament team.Schirmer said she believes her success is a product of team effort the Buckeyes supplied her with this weekend.“Taylor is a great setter and she puts us in really great situations so I can’t thank her enough for all she does for the team,” Schirmer said. “Our passers stick their necks out to make really good passes … I wouldn’t have been able to do that without them.”Coach Geoff Carlston said he was proud of the two players for their accomplishments this weekend as well as the entire team.“We’ve had a lot of people contribute to what we’re doing, and we’re going to need that going forward,” Carlston said. Although the Buckeyes lost their first match of the Buckeye Invitational, Carlston said Ohio State’s non-conference schedule is the fifth-toughest in the country and was built to help challenge the team.“We’ve had some adversity, but I think in the end it’s going to bode well,” Carlston said. “It’s built some calluses, a little bit of toughness and all that resiliency.”The Buckeyes will head back to St. John Arena on Wednesday at 7 p.m. to face Maryland in their first conference game. read more

Space shuttle makes its final journey by road

first_imgUpdated: 20.24SPACE SHUTTLE ENDEAVOUR began its final journey today, at the less-than rocket-propelled speed of two miles per hour, in a meticulously planned trip through the streets of Los Angeles.Some 400 trees have had to be cut down – provoking mild protests from locals – and power lines turned off to make way for the 78-ton vehicle on the two-day, 12-mile journey to California Science Center.The shuttle, which flew more than 115 million miles (185 million kilometres) in its two-decade career, landed at LA international (LAX) airport three weeks ago piggy-backed on a specially-fitted 747.Since then it has been in an airport hangar. But it was rolled out overnight for its final journey, which risked causing traffic chaos before it reaches its destination late Saturday.The shuttle is mounted on a high-tech flatbed carrier for the trip, which at certain points will involve squeezing round corners within inches of buildings.“We’re off to a great start,” said Science Center head Jeffrey Rudolph as the shuttle stood for several hours in a parking lot, before starting the journey proper.“Everything is really going according to plan, exactly as we hoped for. We’ve still got a long ways to go, but this is an incredibly complex move – lots of people working on it – and we really appreciate it,” he added.After the space agency NASA brought an end to the 30-year shuttle programme last year, major US cities battled for the right to house one of the craft.Enterprise, the prototype that never flew into space, is now on permanent display on the runway of the Intrepid aircraft carrier in New York.The Kennedy Space Center will keep Atlantis, and Discovery is on display at a museum outside Washington.Two other shuttles were destroyed in flight. Challenger disintegrated shortly after liftoff in 1986 and Columbia broke apart on re-entry to Earth in 2003. Both disasters killed everyone on board.[Update]One of our readers, a Aoibheann Hughes originally from Castleblaney in county Monaghan who now lives in Texas, sent us this image of herself getting up close and personal with the shuttle while it stopped over at Ellington Field airport in Houston. “It was such an amazing experience so I thought I’d share it with you for the craic!” she said, adding, “We were very lucky to get on it, since only a very select few, mostly important Nasa types were allowed near it. The Irish accent works wonders!” Thanks Aoibheann.- © AFP, 2012last_img read more

Driver deaths are down but more vulnerable road users are being killed

first_imgTHE NUMBER OF drivers dying on our roads has decreased by 25%, but the deaths of other road users are up.Some 190 people died on our roads last year, an increase of 28 on 2012.Moyah Murdock, CEO of the Road Safety Authority, told the Public Accounts Committee that road deaths have decreased by 43% in ten years.However, she noted there is “scope for considerable improvement”.Some 84 people have lost their lives on Irish roads so far this year, largely in line with last year’s figures.Murdock told the committee that the “the nature of the fatalities has changed”. The Public Accounts Committee Source: Oireachtas TVShe noted that Brett, following legal advice, had made the information available to the Departments of Justice and Transport.“That really was the only route that we could go with this particular information.Without trying to second-guess my predecessor’s reaction … there was serious concern that this could be a serious issue and … needed to be addressed at the appropriate level.The RSA is expected to be self-financing by next year. In 2008 it was dependent on exchequer funding to the tune of €40 million. It can draw down a maximum of €3.37 million this year, but, depending on its income, may not need any of this money.The body’s functions include driver licensing and vehicle testing. In 2012, its income was €42 million, the majority of this came from NCT testing fees. RSA income 2008-2012 Source: RSAThe Department of Transport spent just over €2 billion in 2012, with €1.7 billion (about 83%) being spent on transport, with the remainder going to tourism and sport-related projects.Motor tax evasionLabour TD Derek Nolan raised the issue of motor tax avoidance through declaring a vehicle has been off-road after the fact.The Secretary General of the Department of Transport Tom O’Mahony said that since this loop hole for “gapping” was closed last year, 149,000 more vehicles were taxed by the end of May than there were at the same time last year. Tom O’Mahony, Secretary General at the Department of Transport Source: Oireachtas TVAfter taking account for new cars, O’Mahony said that about 130,000 of these cars, or 5% of all registered vehicles, were “attributable to the gapping measure”.As a result, the €50 million that it cost to implement the measure has been recouped.O’Mahony said this was a notable achievement but added: “I’m not claiming for a minute that nobody is evading motor tax”.He also admitted that some drivers avoid getting penalty points by not bringing their driver licence to court. In 2012, the government introduced fines in a bid to stop this practice from happening.‘Not anti-car’He stressed that the Department is “not anti-car” but said: “The car is still far too dominant as the main source of transport.”O’Mahony noted that the Department is working with the public transport system “to make it a more attractive alternative for the customer”.He said that the Luas Cross City project, set to begin operating in late 2017, would be a major asset to Dublin, adding that the 500,000th Leap card was sold in May, “way ahead of the targets that we had”.O’Mahony stated that a decision will soon be made on the Dart Underground plan.Read: Speed cameras record more than 7,000 hours of driving each monthRead: These are the top ten spots where drivers speed in DublinRead: PAC will be examining penalty points and speed cameras today It’s pedestrians and it’s motorcyclists … vulnerable road users.She added that eight young people under the age of 16 have died on our roads this year – two more than in the same period last year.Murdock noted that of the ten motorcyclists killed in accidents in 2014, five were living in Ireland and five were tourists, some of whom died in “very freakish accidents”.Some 27 motorcyclists died on our roads in 2013, up from 16, or almost 60%, in 2012; 30 pedestrians were killed last year (up one from 29 in 2012).“Speed is still the single biggest factor in road fatalities,” she said, adding that the majority of fatal accidents happen in areas with speed limits of 50 km or less.She stated that the RSA continues to promote road safety in a number of promotional campaigns.In April, Assistant Garda Commissioner John Twomey of the Garda National Traffic Bureau told the Oireachtas Transport Committee that the average compliance rate in the 727 zones monitored by speed cameras was above 90%.GoSafe speed cameras record over 7,000 hours of driving across the country each month.DistractionsMurdock added that pedestrians are often distracted by mobile phones and music players before an accident occurs.People are walking along, not being aware of the dangers around them.Murdock took over the role as RSA CEO four months ago. In today’s meeting she defended her predecessor Noel Brett’s handling of the dossier on penalty points that was given to him by Sgt Maurice McCabe in August 2012.last_img read more

Le neuromarketing nouveau joujou des industriels pour séduire les consommateurs

first_imgLe neuromarketing, nouveau joujou des industriels pour séduire les consommateursDe nombreuses entreprises se lancent aujourd’hui dans le neuromarketing, méthode permettant de décortiquer les réflexes cognitifs des consommateurs afin de mieux les connaître, comprendre et appréhender leurs choix, le but final étant l’achat. Tous les moyens sont bons pour vendre et les entreprises l’ont bien compris. Le consommateur est un être modulable qui agit souvent en conséquence d’un matraquage publicitaire de plus en plus constant et invasif. La perception gustative est alors remplacée par une vraie confiance en la pseudo-qualité d’un produit, assurée par la publicité quotidienne. C’est du moins ce qu’ont tenté de prouver de nombreuses études : une datant de 1980 a prouvé que notre cerveau transformait l’expérience que l’on faisait des produits par leur réputation. Cette observation alliée à d’autres a donné naissance à un nouveau procédé, le neuromarketing, autrement dit une application des neurosciences au service de la vente. Plus concrètement, il s’agit de comprendre les mécanismes du cerveau, le comportement des consommateurs afin de parvenir à contrer la concurrence. Cette technique utilise les méthodes de mesures cérébrales comme l’IRM et peut être applicable dans toutes les branches du marketing. Récemment, deux psychologues allemands ont ainsi réalisé une nouvelle expérience sur l’alimentation, via les sodas. Publiée dans la revue PLOS One, l’étude s’est intéressée à l’effet “grande marque” dans la perception du goût, comme le rapporte le blog Passeur de sciences du Monde. Quatre sodas identiquesPour cela, l’expérience a fait appel à une quinzaine de cobayes volontaires qui ont accepté de noter quatre sodas différents en fonction de leur goût. Allongés dans un appareil IRM, ils se sont vu amener les sodas par un tuyau en visualisant au préalable, le temps d’une demi seconde, la marque de la boisson en question sur un écran. Ainsi, les marques proposées étaient Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, River-Cola (générique d’une chaîne de supermarché allemands) et T-Cola (inventé, mélange à un tiers chacun de Coca, Pepsi et River). L’idée dans le cas du T-Cola étant de proposer une marque inconnue et non identifiable. Il est à noter que les trois autres sodas étaient également de composition relativement identique. Seul le nom changeait. L’utilisation de l’IRM a alors permis d’observer l’activité cérébrale, en particulier les zones du cerveau excitées lors de la dégustation. Sans surprise, c’est le Coca et le Pepsi qui ont enregistré les meilleures notes. Et les chercheurs ont constaté que la zone du cerveau activée était le Striatum Ventral, spécialisée dans la récompense et le plaisir.   À lire aussiVoici pourquoi il faut éviter les aliments ultra-transformésCeci suggère que le cerveau s’attendait de toute façon à ce que ces boissons soient les meilleures. L’anticipation de l’effet aurait ainsi influencé le traitement de l’information gustative. Au contraire, les deux autres marques ont elles excité le cortex orbitofrontal qui assigne des valeurs. Les sujets étaient donc en train de décider s’ils devaient aimer ou non ces boissons moins connues et moins diffusées à la télévision. Si ces résultats sont à nuancer, l’étude étant réalisée sur seulement 15 personnes, l’impact de la publicité apparait une nouvelle fois important.Du “temps de cerveau” disponibleLe neuromarketing pose actuellement certaines questions éthiques et notamment celle de savoir si l’on peut procéder à ce genre de modulation cérébrale sans encadrement. L’association des consommateurs Center for Digital Democracy a elle fortement critiqué le caractère invasif de cette pratique. Mais il n’est désormais plus un secret que de grandes marques réalisent des tests IRM ou électroencéphalogrammes afin d’observer les réactions de consommation à un nouveau produit. Ce procédé fait d’ailleurs écho à la déclaration de l’ancien PDG de TF1, Patrick Le Lay, qui parlait de “temps de cerveau disponible” offert par les chaînes de télévision aux publicités, les émissions de télé ayant pour objectif de divertir et rendre le cerveau plus ouvert.    Le 17 juin 2013 à 18:47 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Christophe Dugarry Zidane wont take charge at Old Trafford

first_imgThe Premier League giants Manchester United are going through a difficult time, with Jose Mourinho’s work continually being under fire.One of the most successful English clubs is slowly crumbling with the cusp of the problem being leadership. It seems that everything Sir Alex Ferguson did during his prolific 27-year spell at the Old Trafford steadily fades away under the Portuguese manager.Therefore, the Red Devils’ fans, as well as several players, would like to see Zinedine Zidane arriving at United in the upcoming period, but the situation is yet to become clear.However, the Daily Star have broadcasted the words of the France 1998 World Cup winner Christophe Dugarry, who thinks Zizou stands no chance against the ‘Special One‘ whatsoever.“Zizou won’t go to Manchester,” the former Bordeaux striker said.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.“I’m telling you, he won’t go to Manchester. If he called Mourinho, I won’t eat one rat, I’ll eat two.“I don’t believe it for one second, because the relationship between Zidane and Mourinho has never been good. Never.“So I don’t see why Zizou would call Mourinho to tell him he won’t take his job.“Zizou is on holiday, Mourinho is sorting his situation out by himself.”last_img read more

Public Notice Notice of upcoming Well Drilling and Road Works to Glass

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, August 14, 2017 – Providenciales – The general public is hereby advised of upcoming Well Drilling and Road Works throughout Glass Shack – Providenciales, from 17th August to 1st September 2017 (Well Drilling Only).   This activity is part of a programme for Road Development throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands and a completion of Phase 1 of Glass Shack.This contract estimated time for full completion inclusive of installation of drainage wells, side walk and asphalted roads is 150 Days, equivalent to 5 months. During this time, residents are to take caution in the designated area.   Residential and business access will remain unaffected throughout this phase of works.The awarded contractor for this work (Herzog Caribbean Limit) will employ all measures to facilitate access for the duration of the project.   In the interest of safety, and in agreement with Turks and Caicos Islands Government and the relevant authorities, appropriate traffic management measures, such as flag man and appropriate signage, will be implemented to direct and assist vehicle users during this time.   Residents are asked to drive with due care and consideration during the course of this project as we facilitate the necessary infrastructural upgrades of our developing society.Press Release: TCIGlast_img read more

Congressional hearing to reduce veteran homelessness held in Oceanside

first_img Categories: California News, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter August 22, 2019 KUSI Newsroom 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – California has the most homeless veterans in the nation. Today, a hearing was organized by Congressman Mike Levin to address the growing problem.The panel, which included two San Diego area congress members, heard from federal agencies as well as local non-profits who are working toward reducing homelessness. All of them with the goal of asking policy makers and service providers about ways to reduce the number of veterans who are struggling with homelessness.The panel also discussed a specific group of veterans who need more support: women. Congressional hearing to reduce veteran homelessness held in Oceanside Posted: August 22, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more

Alonzo Mourning hosts annual Family Fun Day Winter Groove

first_imgMIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) – Alonzo Mourning hosted his annual Family Fun Day Winter Groove, Saturday.The former Miami Heat star welcomed more than 500 students from across Miami-Dade to Florida Memorial College in North Miami.The day was filled with activities, including a 5K, obstacle courses and free basketball clinics.Mourning said the event’s goal is to help keep teens healthy and on the right path. “Create an amazing forum, and provide some insight and words of encouragement, and try to help them make better decisions, and prepare them for life itself, and help them to help them become positive contributing citizens,” Mourning said.This is Mourning’s third annual youth summit.He will host different events throughout the weekend — including a golf tournament and a comedy show.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Wilmington Police Assist Reading Police With Arrest Of Man Following Shooting Incident

first_imgREADING, MA — The Wilmington Police Department assisted the Reading Police Department with the arrest of a man early Wednesday morning after he allegedly shot a handgun into the air outside a Reading residence.Jeffrey Logan, 38, of Reading, was arrested and charged with:Assault with a Dangerous WeaponDischarging a Firearm Within 500 Feet of a DwellingIllegal Possession of a FirearmIllegal Possession of AmmunitionIntimidationDisturbing the PeaceDisorderly ConductAt approximately 11:45 p.m., Reading Police were dispatched to the area of 183 Woburn Street for a report of a weapon being fired, after the victim went to the police station to report the incident.Through an initial investigation, officers determined that a male, later identified as Logan, approached the victim while he was shoveling snow and subsequently fired a single handgun round into the air. Logan then returned indoors.Based on their preliminary investigation, Reading Police established a perimeter around the scene and initiated a SWAT callout through the Northeast Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC).Out of an abundance of caution, the residents of the other units inside the home were temporarily evacuated from the building.“I’m grateful that this incident was resolved efficiently and peacefully,” Deputy Chief David Clark said. “This would not have been possible without the support of our law enforcement colleagues at NEMLEC, as well as the Stoneham, Wakefield, and Wilmington Police Departments.”Reading Police and NEMLEC SWAT officers later confirmed that Logan was in an apartment inside the multi-family dwelling and subsequently obtained a key to the second floor apartment from the landlord.At approximately 2:55 a.m., NEMLEC SWAT members entered the apartment and took Logan into custody without incident. Officers subsequently located a silver semi-automatic handgun. There were no injuries as a result of this incident.Logan was arraigned in Woburn District Court on Wednesday.Deputy Chief David Clark addresses the NEMLEC SWAT team following the incident. (courtesy photo)Jeffrey Logan(NOTE: The above press release is from John Guilfoil Public Relations.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington & Reading Police Nab Bank Robber Suspect After PursuitIn “Police Log”Wilmington Police Arrest Man For Illegally Purchasing & Possessing Ammunition, Vendor Also ChargedIn “Police Log”State Police Arrest Man On Firearm Charges Traveling On 93 In WilmingtonIn “Police Log”last_img read more

Emirates and Bankok Airways enter codeshare

first_imgEmirates, a global connector of people and places, has today announced a new codeshare agreement with Thailand-based Bangkok Airways, a regional boutique airline, which is set to open up new destinations for Bangkok Airways and Emirates passengers from Europe, Australasia and South-East Asia regions.The new agreement will see Emirates’ code added to 19 Bangkok Airways routes across a number of Southeast Asian cities, adding a total of 14 new destinations to the Emirates global network and seamlessly connecting customers to new tourist destinations such as Koh Samui and Chiang Mai in Thailand, Siem Reap in Cambodia, and Yangon and Mandalay in Myanmar.Passengers travelling to Bangkok Suvranabhumi, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore will be able to take advantage of Bangkok Airways codeshare routes.This agreement also offers a choice of stopover in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Phuket for Emirates passengers travelling to and from Koh Samui.The Bangkok Airways flights will seamlessly connect with Emirates flights from Dubai and beyond, including European gateways, and will also provide increased connectivity for passengers from Australia and New Zealand.Thierry Antinori, Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Our new codeshare agreement with Bangkok Airways will provide our passengers with increased choice, flexibility and ease of connection to different cities across Southeast Asia to and from Dubai, ultimately offering a smoother, more convenient travel experience.“Emirates already offers six daily services to Bangkok, and from December, four of these services will be operated by our flagship A380 aircraft. This provides many options to connect to the region as part of our new codeshare.”Bangkok Airways’ Senior Vice President Network Management, Peter Wiesner, said: “This new codeshare agreement with Emirates is yet another important milestone and an exciting development in the continued growth of Bangkok Airways.“It allows us to give our customers around the region convenient, seamless access to Dubai and onwards to the rest of the world through our extensive regional route network, direct from their local airport.”Bangkok Airways operates 31 routes to 24 Asian airports. Emirates customers travelling on Bangkok Airways will enjoy the same luggage allowance they are entitled to on Emirates, checked through to their final destination. All Emirates’ passengers on Bangkok Airways flights will receive boarding passes on check-in at their first international departure point for connecting international services. Fly EmiratesSource = Emirateslast_img read more

Cyprus saw biggest decline in financial institutions last year

first_imgCyprus had the biggest decline in the number of monetary financial institutions (MFI) in the eurozone, the European Central Bank (ECB) said on Tuesday.According to ECB figures, on January 1, 2014 there were 6,790 MFIs in the euro area, compared with 7,059 on January 1, 2013.In relative terms, the decrease was particularly pronounced in Cyprus (-26 per cent), Greece (-17 per cent), Luxembourg (-16 per cent), Spain (-9 per cent), Malta (-9 per cent) and France (-7 per cent). In absolute terms, Luxembourg (-70), France (-76), Spain and Cyprus (-36) were the main contributors to the net decrease of 269 units in the euro area, the ECB said.Since 2011 a substantial decrease in the number of money market funds (an MFI sub-sector) has been recorded in the euro area (-658 over three years), partly on account of their new statistical definition, which has been adjusted towards supervisory standards. In addition, the contraction in this sub-sector continued during 2013, most prominently in Luxembourg (-77) and France (-65).Despite the enlargement of the euro area with the accession of Greece (2001), Slovenia (2007), Cyprus and Malta (both 2008), Slovakia (2009), Estonia (2011) and Latvia (2013), the number of MFIs in the euro area has decreased by 31 per cent – or 3,066 institutions – since January 1, 1999. On 1 January 2014 Germany and France accounted for 42 per cent of all euro area MFIs, approximately the same share as recorded on 1 January 2013.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoSenior Living | Search AdsCheap Senior Apartments in Rowland Heights Are Turning HeadsSenior Living | Search AdsUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Scott Beierle What

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