This years Nissan Leaf has battery issues

first_img Citation: This years Nissan Leaf has battery issues (2011, March 16) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Electric cars rolling out Like most new car issues the problem at hand is only effecting a small amount of users thus far, but several reports of the cars simply running out of battery with little to no warning have occurred in the 2011 model year. The stories all go a little something like this:The owner of one of these new Leaf’s will be driving along, usually on a highway, and they will get a notice that they are low on battery. You will get an estimated number of miles left from the on-board computer system. Whether you stay on the highway, or move onto less populated roads to get to your destination quicker, the car will up and die within the next five minuets, with no extra warnings to give you an indication that you are not going to make it home. There you sit, stranded on the side of the road, unable to even turn your car off.It’s not exactly a pleasant scenario, but it is happening. Many of the stranded are asking the same question. Why is this happening to me?Well, it seems that according to the company, you are looking at the wrong gauge. The miles left is an estimate, and cannot be relied upon until your car gathers more data about how you drive. The simple solution is to look at the state of charge gauge, which should give you a more accurate reading. So as it turns out this one may be a mix of mechanical failure and human error.center_img ( — Only an extremely small amount of new cars go from the lot to the road without owners having some kind of problems. It seems that one part or another will invariably cause problems. As it turns out electric cars are no exception to this rule, and the Nissan Leaf is here to prove it. Nissan LEAF Battery technology © 2010 PhysOrg.comlast_img read more

Yamahaframe bike with scuba tank makes Dyson shortlist

first_imgThe O2 Pursuit was designed by Dean Benstead, an industrial designer and a graduate of RMIT University, in Melbourne, Australia. Benstead started out with a what-if idea: “Living in a world where people can commute in vehicles and have fun without impacting on the environment in a scenario that seems unachievable and unimaginable—what if we could?” He worked the idea into a functional prototype stage with numerous design iterations along the way. He said he conducted a validation of air as power source with the use of life-cycle analysis mapping and futuring. A Yamaha WR250R frame was fitted with a compressed-air engine, which is the DiPietro Air Engine developed by Engineair Australia, and a standard scuba diving tank. Last year, he showcased his O2 Pursuit air-powered motorcycle at the Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Show. This year, the O2 Pursuit is one of the inventions that have been shortlisted for the upcoming James Dyson Award. There are 15 projects on the list and the winner and two runners-up will be announced on November 8. (—Look what an Australian designer would like us to roll with in a no-emissions future: A motorcycle powered by nothing but air. Adding to a growing portfolio of ideas centered around compressed-air engines, this good-looking entry is called the 02 Pursuit. As an alternative-fuel bike, it reaches impressive speeds, given that is powered by a tank of compressed air. Opened up all the way, according to claims, the O2 Pursuit can do over 60 miles on a single tank and can zoom past trees and mountains at 87 mph. The obvious advantage to electric bikes would be that this Pursuit cycle would not require the big heavy batteries, long re-charging waits, and thoughts about battery disposal. Citation: Yamaha-frame bike with scuba tank makes Dyson shortlist (2012, November 6) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2012 New design for motorcycle engines powered by compressed aircenter_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further As some suggest, however, the idea is wonderful but not yet practical. The drawback is lack of refilling stations, and a need to find power to compress the air in the first place. While gas stations are available to provide compressed air, they would not be efficient for something like a scuba tank. The answer would be in a “distributed generation smart grid,” he said, where refill stations can be positioned around a city or rural area to facilitate the required range. The refill points would be navigable via the user’s integrated smartphone and GPS system. Air energy could be compressed via solar or wind and stored in an inert state forever. Right now, however, the O2 Pursuit is a project that provides an inviting look into the use of air as an alternative fuel in, as he said, a post-petroleum world.last_img read more

A practical synthesis for benzazetidine compounds

first_img Citation: A practical synthesis for benzazetidine compounds (2016, August 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2016 Explore further Palladium-catalyzed C-H activation of primary amino alcohols More information: Gang He et al. Benzazetidine synthesis via palladium-catalysed intramolecular C−H amination, Nature Chemistry (2016). DOI: 10.1038/nchem.2585AbstractSmall-sized N-heterocycles are important structures in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. Palladium-catalysed intramolecular aminations of the C−H bonds of unfunctionalized amine precursors have recently emerged as an attractive new method for N-heterocycle synthesis. However, the way to control the reactivity of high-valent Pd intermediates to form the desired C−N cyclized products selectively remains poorly addressed. Herein we report a strategy to control the reductive elimination (RE) pathways in high-valent Pd catalysis and apply this strategy to achieve the synthesis of highly strained four-membered benzazetidines via the Pd-catalysed intramolecular C−H amination of N-benzyl picolinamides. These reactions represent the first practical synthetic method for benzazetidines and enable access to a range of complex benzazetidines from easily obtainable starting materials. The use of a newly designed phenyliodonium dimethylmalonate reagent is critical, as oxidation of Pd(II) palladacycles with this reagent favours a kinetically controlled C−N RE pathway to give strained ring-closed products.center_img Credit: Gang He, Gang Lu, Zhengwei Guo, Peng Liu, and Gong Chen Journal information: Nature Chemistry A group of researchers from Nankai University in China, the University of Pittsburgh, and The Pennsylvania State University have demonstrated, for the first time, a synthetic mechanism for N-unsubstituted benzazetidines that is high yielding and practical. Their synthetic strategy can be used to make a variety of benzazetidine-based compounds for possible drug design exploration. Their work appears in Nature Chemistry.Researchers have made headway in nitrogen-based heterocycle chemistry using a palladium-catalyzed intramolecular dehydrogenative C-H amination (IDCA) reaction. In this reaction, the oxidized palladium catalyst coordinates to the target carbon and the amine. Ideally, this would result in a reductive elimination reaction in which the palladium is reduced back to its original oxidation state and the dehydrogenated carbon and amine would form a ring-closing bond.However, in practice, this reaction is difficult to accomplish in high yields. Four-membered rings are hindered due to ring strain. This leads to side products that are more thermodynamically favored than forming the four-membered ring. Gang He, Gang Lu, Zhengwei Guo, Peng Liu, and Gong Chen have devised a synthetic scheme that results in the desired benzazetidine using N-benzyl-picolinamide (PAs) as the reactant and Pd(OAc)2 as the catalyst. Key to the success of their synthetic scheme is rigid ligand structures both from the N-benzyl-picolinamide and the oxidant.They developed the phenyl-iodonium dimethylmalonate (PhI(DMM)) as their oxidant after seeing that PhI(OAc)2, which is known to promote C-H acetoxylation using similar starting materials, formed a small amount of their target benzazetidine. However, the C-N ring closing reaction is thermodynamically unfavored compared to forming a C-OAc bond. After looking at computational studies to see how they could prevent the carbon-oxygen bond from forming, they decided to tether the oxygen on the carbonyl of the acetate to prevent it from reacting with the target carbon atom for the reductive elimination. After trying several tethers, they landed upon PhI(DMM), which proved to enhance the yield of the desired benzazetidine (48%).The next step was to see if this reaction was generalizable by changing the R group on the N-benzyl picolinamide reactant. Even in cases where the benzazetidine product could be formed using PhI(OAc)2, He, et al. saw better yields with PhI(DMM). Furthermore, their reaction worked with a variety of functional groups, although, interestingly, did not work for unsubstituted benzylamine. An additional advantage of their scheme is that the PA protecting group was easily removed with sodium hydroxide in methanol, THF, and water at room temperature. He, et al. conducted mechanistic studies in hopes of understanding the reaction better so that it may be optimized for later research,. They found that the transition state involves a bimetallic Pd(III)/Pd(III) complex instead of a monomeric Pd(IV) compound. It is this bimetallic complex with the PhI(DMM) tether that promotes the desired reductive elimination pathway and blocks the C-OAc bond from forming. This research opens the door to the possibility of finding pharmaceuticals that involve a benzazetidine. This synthetic mechanism is versatile for various functional groups and, using the PhI(DMM) oxidizing agent, produces product yields that make this reaction pathway significantly more practical than the limited reaction mechanisms that were previously used to make benzazetidines. (—A key chemical component to antibiotics, such as penicillin is the beta-lactam, a four-membered amide ring that is fused to another heterocycle. Researchers in drug design would like to explore compounds using a similar structure. One avenue may be found in the four-member azetidine ring. Similar to the beta-lactam ring, it is a four-membered amine heterocycle. However, less progress has been made for benzazetidines, an azetidine fused to a benzene ring, due to the significant ring strain in these four-membered scaffolds.last_img read more

Heat things up

first_imgThings have changed for a modern bride and girlfriend, you need much more than basic lingerie. Women in India are a lot bolder today than they used to be, and are more open to expressing their desires. You need throw in some variety in lingerie, and it should be a mix of comfort and sensuality, with a combination of assorted colors, as these inner little things would help you sail through your wedding and honeymoon or just any other special night.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’We bring you the some must have lingerie products you need to have in your wedding trousseau or your lingerie wardrobe to heat things up- Silicon Bras: The modern day bride takes fabulous care of her figure before her wedding days. And to flaunt that, she opts for designer wardrobe which includes, backless cholis , halter neck gowns, off shoulder dresses. For such dresses, it’s important to remember that opting for the wrong style of lingerie can kill your dress and spoil your overall look. To avoid that, you must buy a silicon bra, it would keep you free from the tension of visible straps and you will get the desired lift. Price range – Rs 699  to Rs 799 Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixSexy Nightwear: Along with all other lingerie, you must keep a sexy and naughty one piece nightwears in your lingerie collection. It must be beautiful and sensuous enough for the wedding night. You can opt for satin and lace lingerie in red, black, maroon and purple for nightwear. Price range – Rs 1499 to Rs 1999Role Play Costumes: These days, couples get to know each other well before the wedding, and are very much aware of each other’s likes, dislikes and fantasies. Surprise your partner with a role playing costumes you think he would love to see you in. In the case of new couples, role playing adds that element of fun to mask possible discomfort that each partner would feel in the bedroom. It helps set the mood for your relationship. A mood we are sure would be much appreciated by both partners. Though the thought may not be extremely new, but the availability used to be a constraint. The availability has only sprung in the last few years, and you can get a costume of your choice easily. Price range – Rs 699  to Rs 2999.last_img read more

The budding talents

first_imgA group show is going to be held in the Capital that brings together the artworks of six young artistes from across the country who have recently completed their studies. The show titled Peers 2014 is presented by Khoj International Artists’ Association. The participants are –  Amshu MS, Diptej Vernekar, Dheer Kaku, Ragini Bhow, Sanket Jadia and Sangita Maity. For Peers 2014, all the artists were chosen after a rigorous selection by a jury consisting of artists Vishal Dar, Zuleikha Chaudhari, Arunkumar HG and Khoj director Pooja Sood. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The show is the eleventh edition of the Peers Residency which is an annual education and outreach residency programme of four weeks, where these young and talented artists shed the expectations and rigidity of a structured curriculum, work together in a discursive space that stresses the role of free experimentation and risk-taking in art practice. Sood, director, Khoj said, ‘Peers Residency programme provides recent graduates and masters’ students opportunity for exchange and dialogue. It aims to provide young artists a forum for experimentation and interaction with the larger creative community, and also hopes to create a network of students from various art, architecture, media and design colleges. Through the programme, we aim to give young artists the tools and space to actively experiment within their practice and also hope to give them a forum for interaction with established practicing artists and creative practitioners’.Where: Khoj Studios, Khirkee ExtensionWhen: 19 – 22 JuneTiming: 11 am – 7 pmlast_img read more

Screening for all

first_imgOver the past six decades, Sangeet Natak Akademi has built up an archive of audio and video tapes, photographs, slides and films on the performing arts. Documentary films in the archive have been screened for the general and specialised audiences from time to time. In 2005, an initiative was taken to exhibit the films on a regular basis. The first fortnightly screening was held on 24 June 2005 at the Sahitya Akademi Auditorium, New Delhi. Two films on Ustad Allauddin Khan and Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, both directed by Hari Das Gupta were shown on that occasion. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Sanchayan is a new initiative of the Akademi to share its collections with those who relish the performing arts through the screening of video recordings. Sanchayan’s first series of films were screened between 14 February – 19 May 2014, and included – performing art forms of Lakshadweep,  Adhe Adhure, Mand Mahotsava, Ang Tarang: Mayurbhanj Chhau, Chhayanatak, Sankirtana and Chhau. Some of the screenings concluded with an interaction between the artists featured in the film and the audience.  The next show that you wouldn’t want to miss would be Flying Crane and Antim Adhyay choreograohed by Narendra Sharma. To give you a top up on the shows, here’s a quick synopsis. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixFlying Crane is a tribute to the migrating Siberian cranes visiting our land yearly after covering long distances — a continuous beautiful event of nature. Inspiration has been also drawn from Tagore’s poem written in 1916 in Kashmir. Antim Adhyaya (The Last Chapter) Visual images of the episodes and situation of life till man becomes the victim of the end – Death. He dares death with his courage but finally has to accept it. The episodes follow one after the other as follows: The Last Journey, Mourning Women, Death as Ritual, Victim of Speed, Death in Emotional Triangle, Man and Machine, Conquering Death and the finale – Last Journey of Fulfilled Man based on one of the last poems of Rabindranath Tagore – In front lies the ocean of peace….Flying Crane & Antim Adhyay: 26 July, 4 pmKallol (Play in Bengali) : 9 August, 4 pmlast_img read more

Mamata to unveil strategy for next LS polls in TMC rally

first_imgKolkata: All roads in the city will today lead to Esplanade, the venue of the TMC’s annual Martyrs’ Day rally, where West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is likely to spell out the party’s strategy for the next Lok Sabha polls. The TMC observes the Martyrs’ Day every year on July 21 in its bid to pay homage to 13 Youth Congress workers, allegedly killed in police firing in 1993 during the Left Front regime in West Bengal. Banerjee was a leader of the Youth Congress at that time. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life “Today, we will get the directive from our supremo for the Lok Sabha polls next year. We will also give a befitting reply to allegations made by BJP leaders during Narendra Modi’s (Midnapore) rally,” a senior TMC leader said. The rally also comes a day after the no-confidence motion against the Modi government was decisively defeated. Banerjee had earlier said her party was supporting the motion against the BJP government at the Centre in the greater interest of the Opposition unity, and the TMC had issued a whip to its Lok Sabha MPs, asking them to be present in the House yesterday. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed TMC workers and people from across the state started gathering in the metropolis since midnight to attend the public meeting to be held near Victoria House at Esplanade. The rally is of immense importance given the party’s ambition to play a major role after the next Lok Sabha polls, political observers said. It is also likely to see the joining of Congress MLAs and senior leaders from other parties. “We will take the pledge at the July 21 rally to oust the BJP in 2019. The country will definitely get the opportunity to see Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s developmental work nationwide after 2019,” TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee had recently said. The MP, along with senior TMC leaders, had visited the venue in the heart of the city yesterday and oversaw preparations for the rally. Around 6,000 police personnel will be deployed for the rally, a senior officer of the Kolkata Police said. Besides, close to 100 CCTVs have been installed in and around the area to keep a close watch on the proceedings, including hidden cameras near and underneath the dais of the rally to foil any “sabotage” attempt, he said. According to senior TMC leaders, the party’s aim to play a major role at the national-level can only be successful if it manages to bag the maximum number of seats out of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal. The party presently has 34 Lok Sabha seats from West Bengal. With nearly 40 of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state being located in villages and semi-urban areas, the party is hoping to cash in on its stupendous performance in the May panchayat polls, where it managed to win all the zilla parishads and nearly 80 per cent of the gram panchayat seats.last_img read more

State PWD takes measures to rid underconstruction sites of dengue threat

first_imgKolkata: The state Public Works Department (PWD) has initiated taking measures to check breeding of mosquitoes at the under-construction sites.Directions have been given to all the executive engineers of the state PWD posted at different locations to take necessary measures in this connection.It came to the notice of the concerned officials that accumulated water at under-construction sites turn to breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Hence, the step has been taken to control vector-borne diseases. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeIt may be mentioned that Rajiva Sinha, Additional Chief Secretary of the Health and Family Welfare department, wrote to the Principal Secretary of the state PWD, Arnab Roy, on August 17 in connection with the matter related to “prevention of dengue vector at construction sites”.Subsequently, the state PWD directed its executive engineers, who are in-charges of under-construction sites, to take necessary measures on an immediate basis “without fail”. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedIn the letter from the state Health department to the state PWD, it was mentioned that “you may be aware that rainy season between July to October is the active breeding time for vector-borne diseases including dengue. It is noticed that often under-construction sites are major breeding grounds of the dengue vector that is Aedes Aegypti.” It was also suggested that the executive engineers might hold meetings with the agencies carrying out the work at different sites for sensitisation on reduction and control of dengue vector at respective construction sites. The agencies have to keep the construction sites clean and at the same time, there should be daily monitoring to avoid accumulation of water. The Health department has also suggested: “if accumulation of water is unavoidable, larvicidal may be sprayed on weekly basis. If required, basis orientation on vector control may be given by health officials to engineers and agencies for implementing the vector control protocol.”The executive engineers have also started taking necessary steps soon after getting the direction and would also hold meetings with the agencies, wherever necessary, to avoid accumulation of water at the construction sites.It may be mentioned that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held several meetings with the concerned officials to check vector-borne diseases. She had directed to take pro-active steps in checking the same. Besides the concerned departments, all other civic bodies are directed to take necessary measures for the same in their respective areas.last_img read more

12yearold to appear for Madhyamik 2019

first_imgKolkata: Madhyamik 2019 will witness an unprecedented event when a 12-year-old girl from Howrah will be sit for the secondary examination.Saifa Khatun, who had never been to school, will be appearing for the examination as an external candidate at 12 years of age. Saifa had sat for the eligibility test conducted by West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) and scored 52 percent marks. “She had successfully passed through our eligibility test for the external candidate. She will be appearing for Madhyamik 2019 in that category,” said Kalyanmoy Ganguly, president of WBBSE. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeIt may be mentioned that both regular and external candidates can appear for Madhyamik examination. The names of the regular candidates are provided by the respective schools, while the external candidates have to clear a test conducted by WBBSE. If they score well in that examination they are allowed to appear for the examination. Sources at WBBSE said Saifa’s father had applied to the Board in the month of February, a few days before this year’s examination mentioning her daughter’s desire to sit for the examination. However, the date of such application had already elapsed at that time so the Board advised her father to apply afresh later. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed”The fresh application came in the month of June and it was in August when she sat for the Board’s test. It has been found that the girl, who had never been to school, scored 52 percent marks,” the source said. The girl from Amta in Uluberia has scored 42 in English, 48 in Bengali, 40 in Mathematics, 58 in Physical Science, 68 in Life Science, 56 in History and 60 in Geography. A senior Board official, however, recollected a similar incident some years back. “At least in the last five to six years, there has not been a single case on similar lines,” the official added.last_img read more

Limiting childrens choice of toys can fuel stereotypes

first_imgWhile buying toys, parents and grandparents should consider the child’s interests, not their gender because limiting choice of toys according to gender can fuel stereotypes, suggests new research.Clues to the continued dominance of men in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields- and the reason nurturing often comes more easily to women- can be found in the children’s toy department, said sociologist Elizabeth Sweet from California State University, Sacramento, US. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf“When we wall off the toys that develop spatial skills or are devoted to science and say, ‘These are only for boys,’ and we wall off the toys that develop empathy and verbal skills and say, ‘These are only for girls,’ it severely limits how children develop,” Sweet said in a university statement.“If kids aren’t exposed to the kinds of toys and play that help them develop those skills, they may not be as good at them over time. But even more insidious is that it reinforces the stereotype that boys are good at science and math, and girls are not. It pushes women and girls out of that field, because they think it’s not for them,” she explained. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveSweet believes that making STEM toys pink, as proposed by some toy manufacturers, would not help much.“I think that plays up the stereotype that girls are so different that they need a special kind of STEM toys,” noted.“Research shows that different kinds of toys help children to develop different kinds of skills, for instance, building blocks are great for building spatial skills. Playing with dolls is really good for developing language skills.” she added.last_img read more

ER GM honours employees with safety awards

first_imgKolkata: Harindra Rao, General Manager, Eastern Railway, in presence of Sanjay Singh Gehlot, Additional General Manager, honoured three employees with Safety awards at the headquarters at Fairlie Place on Tuesday for their alertness and prompt action that had averted possible untoward incidents related to train operations. Pritam Sinha Roy, Technician, Sealdah Division, who detected a track circuit failure caused due to a rail fracture, had immediately informed the Engineering Department through signal control and secured safe running of trains. Also Read – 3 injured, flight, train services hit as rains lash BengalChhattar Yadav, Track Maintainer-I, Asansol Division, had detected a crack on fishplate joint and immediately changed the fishplate and averted an untoward incident. Loknath Gope, Track Maintainer-IV of Asansol Division, had detected a rail fracture on the Up line between Lahabon and Simultala and took immediate action for rectification while performing inspection and maintenance duty. Lalit Mohan Majumder, Track Maintainer-IV of Asansol Division, was also considered for Safety Awards. Rahul Gautam, Chief Safety Officer, Eastern Railway was present at the event.last_img read more

Keep your heart healthy and happy

first_imgHeart disease is rising in younger generation with a significant risk in both males and females. The most common heart issues ailing at the young generation is suffering from coronary artery disease. Another severe condition is characterized by enlarged cardiac muscle cells which are abnormal and associated with further problems, including heart failure, irregular heart rhythms , and an increased risk of angina and heart attack. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThrowing light on the possible causes behind this sudden increase in heart attacks among youths, Dr Neeraj Bhalla, Senior Consultant and Director, Cardiology, BLK Super Specialty Hospital, says that biggest cause of young heart diseases is willful ignorance towards proper healthy lifestyle, leading to the risk of uninvited heart attacks. Lifestyle issues such as smoking and substance abuse, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle, and poor dietary choices such as a high percentage of fatty and fried or fast foods are the leading cause of the innumerable disorders. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThese ultimately lead to premature or early heart attacks or severe heart disease in both men and womenProviding certain tips to maintain a healthy heart, Neeraj Bhalla further says, “one should avoid tobacco, alcohol and keep an eye on BMI. Regular exercise should be in your routine for about 30 minutes on most days of the week and it should be supplemented with healthy food intake, quality of sleep and stress management. One needs to get regular health screenings (Blood pressure, Cholesterol level, Debates screening) also.”Understanding the seriousness of the issue, Manmeet Manchanda Fitness Trainer, Anytime Fitness, has also provided some point that needs to be taken into consideration so as to minimize the risk of heart attacks.To get the maximum heart health benefit from any aerobic exercise, aim to reach between 50 and 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. Climbing stairs is an easy way to get into that target range, whether you do it at home or at the gym on a stair machine. To find your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220.Avoid too many isometric exercises such as pushups and situps. Isometric exercises involve straining muscles against other muscles or an immovable object.Pace yourself. Don’t do too much, too soon. Give your body time to rest between workouts.Don’t exercise outdoors when it is too cold, hot, or humid. High humidity may make you tired more quickly. Extreme temperatures can interfere with circulation, make breathing difficult, and cause chest pain.Don’t exercise in hilly areas. If you must walk in steep areas, slow down going uphill to avoid working too hard. Monitor your heart rate closely, and talk to your doctor about what a safe heart rate is for you.Stop an exercise if you get too tired or short of breath. Tell your doctor about it, or schedule an appointment.last_img read more

Battle lines drawn nine key seats up for grabs on Sunday

first_imgKolkata: More than 1.15 crore people staying in nine Lok Sabha constituencies will exercise their franchise on Sunday during the last phase of the seven-phase election.The star candidates of the Trinamool Congress who are contesting from these seats are Saugata Roy (Dum Dum), Abhishek Banerjee (Diamond Harbour). Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee has nominated two Bollywood actors, Mimi Chakraborty in Jadavpur and Nusrat Jahan in Basirhat. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe constituencies where election will be held are Barasat, Basirhat, Dum Dum in North 24-Parganas, Diamond Harbour, Mathurapur, Joynagar and Jadavpur in South 24-Parganas and Kolkata North and South respectively. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the Trinamool Congress candidates had won in all these seats. In 2014 Sugata Basu, well-known historian from Harvard University was elected from Jadavpur seat. He had defeated Sujan Chakraborty of the CPI(M) by over 1.25 lakh votes. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThis time, CPI(M) has fielded Bikas Ranjan Bhattacharya, former Mayor of Kolkata while BJP’s nominee is Anupam Hazra, former Trinamool MP who recently joined BJP. Political pundits said though the CPI(M) has an edge over the TMC in Jadavpur and Tollygunge Assembly seats, it does not have any hold in the rural belt like Baruipur East, Baruipur West, Sonarpur West and South, Sonarpur North and Bhangar. Trinamool Congress has MLAs in all these seats and the Gram Panchayat and Panchayat Samity are under its control. The party’s organisational strength is very strong in South 24-Parganas. With this backdrop, the Trinamool Congress is likely to retain its seat. Actor-turned-politician Nusrat Jahan has replaced the sitting MP Idris Ali. The MLAs of seven constituencies and the Panchayats are under the control of the TMC. In 2014, Ali had defeated his rival by over 1.09 lakh votes. BJP’s organisation is weak in North 24-Parganas and the chance of Trinamool retaining the seat is very high. In Barasat, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar has been re-nominated. She had won the seat by 1.73 lakh votes in 2014. She was also elected in 2009 and is waiting to make a hattrick in 2019. Saugata Roy is contesting against Nepaldeb Bhattacharya of CPI(M) and Shamik Bhattacharya of BJP in Dum Dum. Roy had won the seat by over 1.54 lakh votes and defeated Asim Dasgupta, former Finance minister of the Left Front government and Tapan Sikdar, former Union minister of the BJP. Roy, who is very popular in the area, is likely to retain the seat. Abhishek Banerjee, the Trinamool Youth Congress president, is contesting from Diamond Harbour. He had won by 71, 298 votes in 2014. Over the past five years, Diamond Harbour has come up as a major tourist spot and the road connectivity has immensely improved. Political experts are of the view that neither CPI(M) nor BJP has organisation in these constituencies. “Taking the people to the polling station on the day of election depends on organisation and any political party with a rock-solid foundation always has an edge over its rivals,” said an expert.last_img read more

Slow reading speed linked to dry eyes

first_imgPeople suffering from chronic dry eye disease are likely to have a slow reading rate, according to researchers. The chronic dry eye is a common disease in which natural tears fail to adequately lubricate the eyes, thus drastically affecting its functioning. The study found that the condition can slow a person’s reading speed by as much as 10 per cent and can make it difficult to read for more than an average of 30 minutes. Those with clinically significant dry eye could read fewer words per minute – 32 words per minute less – than those without the condition, who read at the same rate of 272 words per minute. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”We suspected that people with dry eye were mostly unable to sustain good reading performance because their tears cannot re-lubricate their eye surfaces fast enough,” said Esen Akpek, from the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute in the US. For the study, published in the journal Optometry and Vision Science, the team included 186 adults aged 50 or older. The participants had not used prescription or over the counter eyedrops in the 24 hours before testing. Importantly, all participants responded to eye discomfort vision quality and environmental contributors to eye complaints, such as wind or smoke. People who experience frequent dry eye symptoms such as stinging, fluctuating vision and dryness can try over the counter eyedrops, but will do best if they undergo professional testing and diagnosis, said Akpek.last_img read more

Colonial art of Peru to be exhibited in Delhi

first_imgUnique paintings from colonial-era Peru, which developed under the Cuzco school of art in Spain’s American colonies from the 16th-18th century, would be on view at the India International Centre (IIC) in the Capitalfrom June 12, 2019. The distinct style refers to paintings done by local and European artists of Cuzco, the capital of the erstwhile Inca empire in South America. The works of these artists were influenced by European art, introduced after Peru was occupied by Spain. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfOn view here would be contemporary reproductions of some of these paintings in the exhibition titled “Colonial Art of Peru”. The Peruvian indigenous artists transformed formal and iconographical types from European art to create a uniquely American style of religious painting. It was characterized by brilliant colour, flattened space and a strongly decorative aesthetic. Favourite subjects include anecdotal biblical narratives, hieratic figures of the Virgin and saints, and gaily dressed archangels, as well as brightly coloured tropical birds and imaginary landscapes without reference to local geography. The defining elements of the Cuzco school are believed to have originated in the art of painter Deigo Quispe Tito who painted exclusively religious subjects in the predominance of earthy, red and yellow colours. The exhibition has been arranged by the Embassy of Peru and would be inaugurated by the Ambassador of Peru to India Carlos Rafael Polo Castaneda. The exhibition will conclude on June 18.last_img read more

6 Everyday Phrases with Sinister Beginnings

first_imgAre you as “pleased as punch” when you go to the movies to see a “blockbuster”? Many expressions used innocuously every day have ominous roots in things like prison punishment, racism, and physical harm. When using them in the future, it might be worth considering where they come from. Baker’s dozenThe “baker’s dozen” may have originated as a way for bakers to make sure they met Henry III’s new law which regulated the size and quality of bread and beer.Although a baker’s dozen seems generous today, its origins are actually due to attempts to cheat customers.In England during the 13th century, bakers were notorious for baking skimpy loaves of bread in an effort to turn a bigger profit.However, the king at the time, Henry III, was so frustrated by the problem that he introduced the Assize of Bread and Ale, a law that standardized the size of a loaf. According to Business Insider, the punishment for skimping customers was to lose a hand.King Henry IIIIn order to ensure that they kept both of their hands, bakers started adding the 13th loaf to the dozen as insurance; if any of the loves were a bit short, the extra loaf would make up for it.Blue BloodThe House of Lords of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (old chamber, burned down in 1834) as drawn by Augustus Pugin and Thomas Rowlandson for Ackermann’s Microcosm of London (1808– 1811).This phrase has its origins in the racism of medieval Spain. After centuries of Moorish rule over the country, many families had intermarried with the darker skinned Muslims, as well as the Jews. However, those staunchly Christian Castilian families that had kept their blood “pure” saw themselves as superior, and the phrase was coined to refer to the fact that their veins could easily be seen through their skin.Eventually, the phrase moved on to describe old aristocratic families in 19th century Victorian England, but by this time, as Five Quarts: A Personal and Natural History of Blood by Bill B. Hayes mentions, the racist implications were gone, but the notion of superiority persisted.As Pleased as PunchPunch and Judy – Puck magazine satirical cartoon showing William Jennings Bryan as Punch beneath a ‘Chautauqua Circuit’ banner,  August 6, 1913.This phrase refers to the English puppet show called Punch and Judy that dates from the 17th century.Although more storylines have been created, in the original show, Punch, who is quite hideous, beats everyone else in the puppet show to death including his wife, his infant son, and a policeman.A traditional Punch and Judy booth, at Swanage, Dorset, England, 2006.Throughout the carnage, he would laugh and say, “That’s the way to do it!” This gruesome plot led to the phrase being coined in the early 19th century.The basic plot, although slightly less dark, and the catchphrase persisted in English seaside Punch and Judy booths throughout the 20th and into the 21st century.Meeting a DeadlineA deadline once had a more literal meaning.A deadline originally referred to a line or fence situated inside the perimeter of a Civil War prison fence that marked the point at which, if a prisoner crossed or even touched, they would be shot dead, no questions asked.The deadline was used in many prisons during the Civil War but came to represent the mistreatment of Union soldiers during the trial of Henry Wirz, the prison keeper at the infamous Andersonville prison. Conditions at Andersonville were atrocious, and his publicized trial, which led to his eventual hanging, brought the public’s attention to the phrase.The execution of Henry Wirz.By the 19th century, deadline was used in a printing context, denoting the part of a page near the edge where text would no longer print properly. In the early 20th century, it began to be used in any context where there was a strict line that could not be crossed. Eventually, through journalism, it came to be known in the context that we know it today as a time limit.TreadmillHuman-powered treadmill for grinding grain.Another term with prison connotations, a treadmill was originally used as a form of punishment in prisons during the Victorian era.In the 1800s, English civil engineer Sir William Cubitt invented a clever device for harnessing a readily available source of power: convicts.William Cubitt, civil engineer.There were two variations — the treadwheel worked just like a giant hamster wheel, but turned by human labor. The treadmill had convicts treading paddles fixed on the outside of a large cylinder, so much like a modern stair climber machine but with no emergency stop button.Attached to a millstone, the treadmill was a way for prisoners to be employed in 8-hour shifts, and Oscar Wilde was even made to work at one when he was in prison in 1895.Eventually, prison reform banned treadmills, but in the 1950s the term made a comeback during a fitness craze and was given to the machine with a belt on a constant loop we know today.BlockbusterDuring World War II, entire city blocks could be completely destroyed by a single bomb. These bombs, called cookies, weighed 4,000 pounds or more and measured 6 feet in length. Due to their destructive power, they also became known as blockbusters.Read another story from us: Why an American City is Named for Marie AntoinetteThe phrase blockbuster was expanded to include contexts not related to actual bombs as early as a year after the war, and swiftly evolved to mean something big and exciting. By the mid-1950s the term was being used for movies that grossed over $2 million at the box office.last_img read more

These Popular Items of Clothing were Named After People and Places

first_imgThese days, it’s not uncommon to have many of your items of clothing or accessories be named as if they were people. It started naturally enough. When a person started a business in their town or community, they would frequently name it after themselves, which made sense, as it tied the new business to the person’s, or family’s, identity. According to, that didn’t really start to change until mass media and mass marketing started to enter the picture. Suddenly there was more than one company with similar names being marketed to the same consumers, creating the need for business people to starting branding themselves as a way to stand out. The first shift in clothing branding came with the early “designer” brands, like Worth or Chanel, and consumers loved being able to identify themselves with a person whose brand they admired. Over the decades, as the variety of things people had access to continued to grow, so did the consumer’s tendency to identify with the products they used on a fairly personal level. That, in turn, led to many retailers, especially those that sold clothing and accessories, to start giving individual styles of clothing human names, hoping to evoke a personal response.Long before that market shift, though, there were already a number of instances where types of clothing were named after specific people or places, for reasons that had nothing to do with branding.Denim JeansA group of cowboys branding a steer.This iconic item actually refers to two different places. First, Nimes, France, which produced a twilled wool serge that was used for making pants.Nimes, France.The fabric was called serge de Nimes, and English-speakers as early as the 1600s started to run the words together into one word. A couple hundred years later, Americans started using the same word to refer to the sturdy cotton fabric we know as denim.Copper rivets for reinforcing pockets are a characteristic feature of blue jeans. Photo by Marcos André CC BY 2.0Secondly, the word “jeans” is actually a derivation of Genoa, the city in Italy that was also known for making trousers, using a twilled cloth called “fustian.” The pants were became known as “jene fustian,” and that eventually just became “jeans.”TuxedosHarrison Ford in a tuxedo. Photo by Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.0This name for a formal suit dates back to the 1800s, and refers to Tuxedo Park, New York. Tuxedo Park was a residential club frequented only by the most wealthy.William Kent residence, Tuxedo Park, N.Y.Every year they held an autumn ball which required male attendees to wear a white tie and tailcoat. As a result, the black tailcoats came to be known as tuxedo jackets, and the word has since become an umbrella word for men’s formal suits, and has even gained in popularity as formalwear among some women, such as Angelina Jolie or Diane Keaton.The Birkin BagBirkin bag made from calf leather that has been dyed pink. Photo by Yvette Religioso-Ilagan from Philippines – Flickr CC BY 2.0This extremely expensive bag has appeared on the arm of various female celebrities, and has even had its own plotline on several television shows, including Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City.The bag is also named for an English actress, Jane Birkin. The story behind the bag’s name is that Birkin was seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas on a flight to Paris. Dumas was the chief executive of Hermes, who produces the bag.Jane Birkin, 1985. Photo by Roland Godefroy CC BY SA 3.0She put her straw bag into the overhead compartment, but everything fell out. She reportedly told Dumas how hard it was to find a leather weekend bag she liked, so the two of them ended up designing the Birkin bag on the flight, and he named the bag after her.The AscotPortrait photo of British journalist George Augustus Sala wearing an ascot tie.An ascot is a type of cravat. Cravats were early forms of what we now call the necktie, and were invented by the Croats. The word eventually shifted a little and became cravat.John Singer Sargent in a pleated ascot tie, c. 1880.Ascots were a form of cravat that first began appearing around the turn of the 18th century. It didn’t really become popular until the 19th century, though, and derives its name from being worn by men attending the Royal Ascot Races in Ascot, England; it was then known as the “ascot tie.” The style became popular again in the 1950s, which is also when it just became known as an “ascot.”Capri PantsPlaid Capri pants. Photo by Rita Holcomb CC BY SA 2.5This style was wildly popular in the 1950s and ‘60s. It was created by Sonja de Lennart, a European fashion designer, and named for the Italian island of Capri, where the women often wore the shorter, ¾ length pants.October 3, 2017: Tourists at Street cafes on Capri Island, Italy.Capris were some of the first pants for women that were cut in a more body-conscious manner instead of being made exactly like men’s pants, which had previously been the norm.JerseysA sports fan’s collection of NBA basketball jerseys. Photo by Cdog91 CC BY SA 4.0Nope, these didn’t get their start in the state of New Jersey. This item of clothing is actually named for the island of Jersey in the United Kingdom. The island has a long tradition of making very warm sweaters with a tight weave, meant to help seaman stay warm.Americans adopted the term for their early football uniforms, which were made of wool and meant to offer some protection for football players in the early 1900s. As the fabrics used in uniforms got increasingly light, the term “jersey” became synonymous with lightweight tops made from synthetic fabrics. At least, it did in the U.S. In the U.K. the word “jersey” still means a sweater.LeotardsAn image of Jules Léotard in the garment that bears his name.These tight, stretchy garments get their name from the Frenchman who first wore them, Jules Leotard. Despite having studied to be a lawyer, Leotard spent a lot of time at his father’s gym, according to He was very skilled on the parallel bars, and eventually got the idea of hanging a bar on two ropes, inventing the trapeze. He introduced his new trapeze act on November 12, 1859, at the Cirque Napoleon. He created the snug, stretchy outfit to both give ease of movement and to show off his body during his act.He originally called it a maillot, which is the French word for shirt, but the garment was given his name after his death from smallpox in 1870.Cardigan sweatersCardigan in fashion photo from 1947. Photo by Erik Holmén, Nordiska museet CC BY 4.0These classic sweaters are named after James Thomas Brudenell, the seventh Earl of Cardigan, who supposedly chose to wear a collarless, waist-length wool jacket while leading his troops in the Crimean War.Prince Napoléon Bonaparte, cousin of Emperor Napoleon III, served as a general in the Crimean War.The Earl left Crimea and returned to England a year into the war for health reasons, however many stories of his heroism had reached his homeland before he did. As a result, merchants wanting to capitalize on Lord Cardigan’s current fame began selling jackets of the same type, which they named in his honor.ArgyleTraditional English Argyle socks.When you think of Argyle, the first images that come to mind are often of sweaters and golfing socks, but the pattern’s roots actually come from a spirit of revolution.The classic diamond pattern first started being seen in Scotland, in the 1940s, but its design was inspired by the 17th century tartan of the clan Campbell, from Argyll. The plaid was used in kilts and also for the patterned socks that most highlanders wore under them. According to an article in the Washington Post, citing The Scottish Historical Review, when Mary, Queen of Scots ended the Chaseabout Raid that opposed her marriage to Lord Darnley in 1565, Archibald Campbell, the fifth Earl of Argyll, was the last rebel still at large in Scotland.Mary, Queen of Scots.He returned to his castle, where Mary couldn’t chase him, and it was his anti-establishment descendants who created the pattern.Read another story from us: The Fascinating Stories Behind the Names of the MonthsPringle of Scotland picked up that pattern after the First World War, and that’s when it began to become associated with leisure and wealth – a startling diversion from the situation of those who developed it.last_img read more

Tom Brady Sr rips Roger Goodell in interview says Goodell doesnt deserve

first_imgColin’s full interview with Goodell, in which he said it would be an honor to hand Brady the Lombardi Trophy and talked about the Deflategate controversy: “For what the league did to [Tom Brady], and what Roger Goodell constantly lied about, is beyond reprehensible as far as I’m concerned.”He added:“He went on a witch hunt, and got in way over his head, and had to lie his way out numerous ways. The reality is, Tommy never got suspended for deflating footballs, he got suspended because the court said that Roger Goodell could do anything he wanted to do to any player for any reason whatsoever.That’s what happened. The NFL admitted they had no evidence on him.”Big Tom also responded to Goodell’s comments from his interview with Colin, in which he said he would be honored to hand Tom the Lombardi Trophy. In his eyes, Goodell doesn’t deserve to share the podium with his son.“It should be an honor, because somebody that has Roger Goodell’s ethics doesn’t belong on any stage that Tom Brady’s on.”Even if Goodell does end up handing the Lombardi to trophy, it might be a good idea to steer clear of pops. Advertisementcenter_img Tom Brady, Sr. is still pissed at Roger Goodell, despite Goodell’s recent public attempts to make nice prior to the Super Bowl.Earlier this week, Commissioner Goodell stopped by The Herd, and told Colin that, “It would be an honor” to hand the Lombardi trophy to Brady if he were to defeat the Falcons to win his fifth Super Bowl.Goodell said all the right things, but Tom Brady, Sr. isn’t buying it. And since he doesn’t have a Bill Belichick gag order in place, he sat down for a recent interview with San Francisco TV station KRON to let loose on the Commish.Brady, Sr. didn’t mince words in expressing his dislike for Goodell, and how he feels his son was railroaded during the prolonged Deflategate scandal.last_img read more

VIDEO Brandin Cooks shows out in Pats camp with ridiculous onehanded TD

first_img Advertisement The Patriots expect big things from Brandin Cooks after acquiring him in a pre-draft trade with the Saints for the 32nd overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. It looks like he and Tom Brady are on the same page so far.Today, the two hooked up for a score when Brady found Cooks in the back of the endzone for six. The pass was a little high but Cooks stabbed it with a OBJ-like one handed grab.It’s hard to envision Cooks not putting up big catch numbers in New England this year.A better look at the Brandin Cooks one-handed touchdown from Brady #Patriots(Via: @mclark8185)— Casey Baker (@CaseyBake16) August 7, 2017last_img read more

VIDEO Odell Beckham Jr struggles to reach the locker room after leg

first_imgThat sound you just heard was every Giants fan in New York collectively gasping at the sight of Odell Beckham falling to the ground on his way to the locker room after taking a low hit to the leg in tonight’s preseason game against the Browns.According to the Giants, Beckham suffered an ankle sprain. If his plant foot would have got stuck on the hit, he likely would have been severe. Time to put him in bubble wrap until the season starts.Odell Beckham Jr. suffers a serious injury due to a legal, but let’s face it, dirty hit. #FantasyFootball #Giants— Jurado (@JuradoNYC) August 22, 2017 Advertisement ???ODELL BECKHAM JR. DOWN. CANCEL THE SEASON. I REPEAT, CANCEL THE SEASON ????????????????????— Lester, The Writer (@TheLesterLee) August 22, 2017last_img read more