nterest phased announced D round of financing nearly billion U. s.dollars, the Kunlun world wide in

in 2008, we first proposed a 10 billion plan, when we put billions of planning when we think, what kind of measures can be used in the 10 billion scale, in the study of the path we find that traditional wholesale business is not white billion scale that is, we want to have two ways of the future can do 20 billion, or go to do retail, the second way is to do a winery, a winery cattle like Moutai Wuliangye. I’d like to have a ten billion winery. It’s really hard. Retail looks easy.

interest installments said that there are already more than 10 thousand students in the interest installment application for a shop. In the next three months, at least 100 thousand students will be supported by more than 10 "interesting shops", which will provide a total subsidy of RMB 500 million yuan and interest in the assistance of mature and offline resources. It is expected that by the end of 2015, interest installments will support 1 million college students to open 100 "fun shops."". The annual total subsidy will exceed RMB 2 billion. read more

Learn from Shanghai dragon thinking Robin classic case

Hello, I am a rock. Today Liu Huanbin read: Shanghai Longfeng case square dance teaching network this article, Liu Huanbin (Robin) have no stone to do this, in this article Robin has been described in detail in this case the actual details of the operation, the main station is content and column structure, the square dance teaching network in this case is worth study and analysis, at least for me this rookie, do not learn how to operate the chain, how to get content. I think more important is Shanghai dragon thinking problem, a long time Shanghai dragon I do like a lot of people, we do not own the Shanghai dragon thinking, that we have come across many problems of Shanghai dragon by virtue of their own thinking to operate, but always wanted to copy or imitate others. Not much to say, look at the basic situation of the case: read more

Meitu Xiu Xiu Wu Xinhong from the boy to the hundreds of millions of millions of Mr.sh419 direct num

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the story was told by Xiong Jun in Xiamen in the spring of 2012. One day at the end of 2012, when I had been on a business trip to Beijing to verify the authenticity of the story, Wu Xinhong nodded and said, "that was when he was very young.". "Now he’s 6 years old, yelling at me every day to drive him for a ride,"

he came to Beijing to attend the annual meeting is the entrepreneur, in his discussion of the concert, Pipiru Ya flag, jumei Chen Ou, force the United States advertising Shu Yi, Gu Zhicheng, cool disk game matrix Xu Yue, only a 90 entrepreneurs is talking about the Xu De Chen, but he look to this special age maximum ratio of Wu Xinhong in more mature. In other words, as the founder of Meitu Xiu Xiu, Wu Xinhong is this group of people looks the most "deceptive" a. read more

Orders to return to the good faith single threat to Shanghai dragon Er way

seemingly has nothing to do with the issue of integrity, but it is the integrity of the basic. Website optimization how to charge? For this point in the industry generally positioning is not very clear, the lack of a unified price stability. The same optimization of a keyword, for personal consultation, prices may be much thousands of access, how to select customers? Low price is not necessarily a liar, not lack of technology, the high price may be worth so much. It is because of the lack of unified keyword optimization charges, has brought an opportunity for many swindlers, and orders, and then fled a few, returned to the customer in the course of time, personal trust? Shanghai dragon Er month reputation in the minds of customers to. read more

The old owners how to pay you to better analysis of the web site

believes that every Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster all know, we are in the process to optimize the site in addition to make detailed planning work on the site itself, we still need more time to understand the site optimization method, because only in the us through the analysis of website optimization situation to judge their optimization method whether it is more conducive to search engine rankings, can we make a good guide to the whole process of website optimization, but specifically how to do it? Today I and analyze in the analysis of the web site is a few key points to note. read more

How to cultivate their own news websites to improve the amount collected

First, we talk about the early

news website how to train operation, the first step is to build our news website, some friends will ask how to establish a news website? First news website to create a high amount of information such as home sites, we want to distribute a number of modules, such as: the entertainment news, social news, international the news and so on each kind of news, or write some different industry news or industry news module can be, the module where the latest update news shows and then to the home page, you can see Sina Sohu and other major portals news station, they are using the latest updates to real-time news to attract the spider crawling, and the weight of the website increases rapidly, we must structure website second smooth, not too complex, for example The directory is not too complex and as much as possible to reduce the directory level, which is beneficial to the spider crawling smoothly, can generate static web pages, we all know that a static web site search engine spider is very love, the website title don’t write too can optimize the feeling, as long as the nature, the best to express key words you have to do it with a word, the website Links best appear on the home page, because some Adsense exchange links that you do not want to be connected with the inner page exchange, so it is necessary to pay attention to the news website, basically at the early stage of culture so much, is very simple, mainly the initial training is to adjust the structure and website and spider interconnection work, the success of the initial training and work to do mid-term news sites, so start The work you don’t relax your vigilance. read more

On site code optimization some details need to be noted

navigation optimization

and a little CSS, which used to the style sheet must be removed, but also to try to compress the CSS file, which is beneficial to the web page loading speed. Another point is that a web page with only the best to call a CSS style sheet, the streamlined code to increase search engine friendliness or have a certain effect. If is the imitation of the template, usually more than one CSS file, can go with a manual, also do not forget to delete the redundant and duplicate content. read more

On the 8 question search engine sandbox sandbox must know

small Sheila translated by a rookie Webmaster Station, welcome any form of reprint, please indicate from rookie Webmaster Station www.cn286.net

command for Google allinanchor:: "key" is the best way. My general rule is that if you are a page for your web site, and find it in the first few pages, it is not in the sandbox, if you still can’t find a word is in the sandbox.

this should be true (*^__^*).

? In this paper,

gradually slow to set up the chain will not enter the sandbox, so read more

New friends to learn Shanghai, should pay attention to several points

Shanghai dragon is a low barriers to entry, master a technology difficult. General for simple corporate website, can through self-study all can achieve good keywords ranking. But to a large site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must consider many factors, analysis, data analysis, traffic monitoring and so on optimization keywords layout – – – from the station outside the station optimization Website – website construction – keywords. New friends to learn Shanghai dragon Hongshou personally think that the most important points: the mentality, method, interest, the execution of read more

Careful use of Shanghai dragon click Tools

entered through artificial simulation of search engine, search keywords you need, then flip to find your site’s ranking click go in, then wait for you to set the time to search a keyword is repeated and then automatically exit, this is Shanghai dragon click tools automatically click.


UV:UV and IP UV is the number of complete synchronization, access, that is the brush site through search engines to UV and actual IP fully comply with possible site traffic is not apparent, but for large traffic sites can be completely separated, not every day the coincidence of UV the same as IP. read more

Shanghai Longfeng thinking how to make profit by Shanghai dragon ranking

The so-called

screening targeted keywords for a web site traffic is very important, which is equivalent to how we choose products. Compared with niche products, we choose products must be popular, if it is popular the amount of products we are doing, are robbed of Shanghai dragon ranking, what are the advantages of your website ranking will be better than others. If the answer is no, you must choose a more popular keywords or products. If we choose the popular product? Then we must do product segments, only in this way can we make money. read more

Defy the law validation of the consequences of modifying the site meta (on)


change: Zhuhai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon blog, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon learning and exchange, the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, network promotion method, network promotion, website promotion, website promotion, website data analysis, electronic commerce, electronic commerce professional employment prospects


many people think of the website title and keywords will never change, and even before the keyword is not good to change, indeed, at a certain point of view, often change the website title and keywords are the Shanghai dragon taboo. However, the individual thinks, want to have to think what, OK, very good for you firmly, because of this change the website title deliberately, to verify whether the changes to defy the law, the title of the site of the site influence how much. This change is mainly for the big changes to the title and description, please see the following: read more

CEO vacation, leaving two…… What are the water retrograde things Uber encountered this yearTalki

two: most of the current Taobao guest website data is collected, it is required to make the chain link, because the site content is congenitally deficient, if you do not do the day after tomorrow that Kung Fu, naturally it is difficult for Taobao customers but now many talent shows itself, Taobao also guest webmaster to pay attention to this point. Even some Taobao passenger station also spend money to buy the chain, but when the purchase of the chain should also pay attention to some methods, don’t buy the black chain, or site itself is a waste of the link, although relatively cheap, but is likely to make your website is K, so that you can work in a previous River gone for ever, read more

5 methods of test site access speed

web page loading speed is the key for a web site, the noble baby will have a website loading speed is factored into the website ranking, that is to say if you have enough content, and load faster than others site faster step, then you get a better ranking. Then the following quickly test your site, improve the site access speed.

3: a full range of free website speed test tool GTmetrix


test method and the ping command is similar, just change Ping to tracert www. your web site贵族宝贝, the number of "tracert" is used to detect the jump from the terminal customers to your server in the engine room and the response time, is to test the connection speed server and the customers all over the country, when arrives at a gateway, tracert will conduct a three test, and the test results of the three MS units, of course time time as short as possible. read more

Shanghai dragon Er why your website ranking is not stable

we know that in the optimization process of any one industry will face fierce market competition, the website optimization industry is a truth, but also in the optimization, competitors site optimization do very well, the details of the deal is also very good, so this time why our sites will be optimized in the process of ranking floating and Volatility? The author thinks that we can through the following ways to analyze and diagnose, well, so without further ado we entered.

third, according to the performance of the site must be adjusted to the site. The two preceding is website optimization process we should pay attention to the most basic work, in addition to the above details, website changes we have time in the process of optimization and observation site optimization, optimization of enterprises with their own examples to get a new station, to the optimization of the key. I started the operation optimization around the keywords, after two weeks or even a month’s time to check the site condition, the growth of the chain and the website optimization keywords from 100 to 100 in addition to enter, even better performance, according to its website, you will be for optimization method for the next step of development, did not enter the top 100 how to deal with? In the top 100 but did not enter the sea before love > read more

Shanghai dragon Er novice website weight should have the ability to analyze

flow of the three Shanghai dragon chain. The second Shanghai dragon do content, first-class Shanghai Dragon Mining User potential, I believe everyone in their technical levels has different understanding of these words, everyone is from a novice into the road, I was no exception, from personal experience and through some detours, in addition to the novice should have the basic ability to do outside the chain should also learn to stand in the data analysis, search engine angle to evaluate a website, as long as the thorough analysis of a site in POWER, I believe you will be able to develop good optimization methods and specific operating practices, do I believe success they will point the day and await for it. read more

Search for new horizons individual factors of search results

if your web site does not involve too many differences between countries, you do not need to consider this problem. If affected by the factors (such as language websites) is relatively large, we must consider from the perspective of Shanghai international dragon.

National differences in

a few years ago, we enter the same keyword in a search, the whole world to see the same results page. Now the situation is not the same, we search for the same word, different people can get different results, whether it is Google or Bing search did vary. read more

See from the trend of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai big update

look at the big data 2013.10.23 love Shanghai adjustment:

generation blog 贵族宝贝daimingblog贵族宝贝/share/651.html, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source.

changes can be seen, no rules, but on the whole, Shanghai increase in the amount of love and to reduce the amount of almost all, estimation is love itself in the reconstruction of Shanghai data.

love Shanghai 2013.10.23 big update, the update frequency is more and more irregular, recent data from various aspects are summarized, mainly to adjust the direction of love Shanghai is an index system optimization, graphic display, snapshot display mode. Through the observation of is currently operating poly way travel, the current index system optimization is nearing completion, and the graphic display is like a raging fire, snapshot shows the method is still being adjusted. read more

Super practical love Shanghai new site dry cargo included brief introduction

Title: This is the Shanghai dragon sets the most important intention, be sure to pay attention to. In general, the company website title by "name + two or three core keywords company or product name + company + location, such as home – micro enterprises – Chinese leading H5 website platform – free website, website, website construction.

this work suggested in the station start setting, especially home, avoid in the process of site, love Shanghai is included in your site, if not set, the love of Shanghai will be included with the Shanghai dragon Jianzhan template set, then later have to wait for the love of Shanghai update, there is a period of time will affect the website promotion effect. read more

Three reasons about keyword ranking fluctuations

is the first search engine itself: the search engine is a huge data processing system, there will be a huge amount of web pages are created every day on the Internet, there will also be numerous web pages to update or delete. So the search engine face every day is massive amounts of data and processing, need to crawl and grab, indexing, storage, pretreatment, correlation calculation and some other column, so a single site in front of the huge data processing fluctuations are normal. Many webmaster feel noble baby than love Shanghai more stable, even so, a few years ago, there are well-known aristocratic nobles baby baby dance, but it’s better now. This shows that rank fluctuation is normal, as long as it is wide fluctuations, don’t worry too much about the webmaster. read more