Don’t optimize to optimize according to the actual

two: with the industry website, do some comparison. This, for the optimization of personnel, is the key point. In the early stages of the site, look at the web site, be able to effectively understand. If you can understand that this type of search engine website, which has the corresponding provisions. By what way, to achieve the effect in a certain period of time;

: according to the website associated with the audience. The purpose of the site optimization, is to be able to have visitors to browse. Then, to achieve a certain effect. That is currently recommended, the user experience, is able to meet their needs. This is now the search engine is a thorough investigation of the audit site, whether one of the weight factors, improve the keywords of ascension; read more

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How much do you know about the Shanghai dragon on the long tail keywords you

Hello, my name is warsion, today and everyone together to discuss important factors that enhance the flow of the long tail keywords Shanghai dragon. We all know that Shanghai is an important objective of dragon in order to enhance the search engine to the user traffic, and the user through the search engine into the site of action is through the search keywords, enter the website home page or web page, and the long tail keywords to flow is the most important, and we talk about today to know Shanghai dragon tail the word, long tail keywords and long tail keywords analysis and layout. read more

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Analysis of the same page within the site why has more than two times ranking


out of the ordinary

according to the human eye, there are two main forum Links, one is ****贵族宝贝/bbs and ****贵族宝贝/bbs/, people should be careful to look out at the back, more of a /". The link is like the page, not what difference. Indeed, two similar web site open in IE is the unity of reality within the page, but the search engine why so obvious to him into a "/", not a "/"? No matter where on the one hand, they are a station. According to the search engine, search engine is not required. At the end of sentiment should pay attention to "/", otherwise it is down right or as cheating, that is to say, this is the search engine on the defect. read more

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Four kinds of relationship between the search engine and the Shanghai Dragon

written above, from my personal view, second kinds of relationship between the choice of parasitism, for our study and optimization of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon who is not an exaggeration. We all know that love Shanghai last year from 6.28k station, Scindapsus algorithm, support the original plan and now the pomegranate algorithm update and adjust a series, tell us to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster friends, you must be in accordance with the optimization methods of Shanghai Longfeng formal to do their own website, any opportunistic things will be I recognize, through the algorithm to seckill, if you are the master and Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, search engine must tell you my cards according to the rules, otherwise your site will be severely punished. read more

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A site is K after blood lessons and Reflections

from the domain name server, the optimization of quality to the chain and other aspects, the author will take the most conservative approach to the site’s ranking to long-term stability. But in the keyword density, the oversight, and eventually became a disaster, as shown below.

3, Shanghai put love for advertising.

2, a small problem, the


in the first half of last year, a master of the author because of poor quality with the Ip site is down right, from then on, the author of the website domain name, server careful. I started this station server in network, server stability, with the IP section of the site quality has been guaranteed. read more

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Analysis of love Shanghai natural ranking to understand the needs of users

2, love Shanghai library, user data download needs.

Perfect love

1, love Shanghai know that users demand answers.

analysis of Shanghai natural love website can not only complement each other, is the best way to understand the needs of users. Since the love of Shanghai after the click algorithm, the website ranking will be, the more popular with users, at least in a recent period of time, it is the most popular, best meets the needs of users and experience of web site. Analysis of love Shanghai natural ranking the purpose is to let people find their advantages and disadvantages, improve and supplement. How to analyze competitor’s website? The webmaster to best two key. read more

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The construction of entrepreneurial team do you want to do a hundred responses to a single callMakin

the success of every enterprise will have a culture of their own, this is a soul of an entrepreneur to his career building, each team within the people are influenced by this culture, and this culture will recognize and follow this culture, faith, reach a inaction the effect of.

now most Wangzhuan concepts are virtual space disorder. We can invest in something that can make us rich especially hyip. Take NeoBux for example. I want to make a lot of money by making a thousand knives. I do not know the history of the past, the master on the cnwebmasters, I would like to make money online monthly income, there are 5000 knives on average. Other regular network to make money more than 1000 knives, but I do not cite examples. Take China now consumption income level, there are 500 knife more than a month income, the income should not be the end of wangzhuan. If you can make money online more than $10000 a month, you can complete the primitive accumulation of capital, money do not enjoy what, life is good, with the industry with it, but no money, no way! If you really do Wangzhuan, it can make you money online limited. With money, I can do a lot of things….. read more

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Bai Cheng travel network founder how to put the visa readme into traffic entranceStop on the Qihoo e

but when the Internet appeared, I felt it really will overturn many things, when their own news gets changed, from the purchase of paper-based newspapers changed to obtain information from the three major portals, and have the following three reasons: one is the consumer access to information and life because the Internet has changed, the two is the change in consumer habits will be the traditional business model in the field of B2B three is the direct impact of the Internet can improve operational efficiency. read more

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Personal summary do Shanghai dragon in the process of problems

every day?

1, first of all, do Shanghai dragon we have a long-term plan execution? Many people are not, including himself in the early stages of the Shanghai dragon is blind, don’t know what to do. Every day the work is done in the Shanghai dragon, but do things every day without a plan, want to do when you do, when they just don’t want to do it. For a Shanghai dragon ER it with the phenomenon to appear more, a lot of people are blind indignities, complaining about the change of search engine abnormal voice also came out, in fact, when we see people who often have plans to update the site we found that we were wrong. read more

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Discussion on the principles and skills of website keyword selection

: the first stationmaster must master the

when we use the search engine to search information, the key choice of keywords is beyond doubt. The correct analysis and processing of words, is to improve the search results of the premise of satisfaction. At the same time, in practice there will emerge in search of new problems, new keyword selection principle and more skills. To learn knowledge on the processing and analysis of key words, will deepen our understanding of the search engine.

(1) to concise. The current search engine in natural language processing is not very strong. Therefore, when submitting the search request, users should put their thoughts into simple and hope to find the information content of topic Association query. As in the previous examples of "famous quotes about students" patriotic, if not delete search results of "students", reject the extra "about", remove the importance of repeated "celebrity", "famous patriotic refined into concise and comprehensive". So, from the search intention to choose and refine the theme information retrieval words, form a clear and accurate concept, can avoid the failure caused by the key words retrieval lengthy. read more

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