National Day holiday travel Fujian tourists 21 million 246 thousand and 400

with the great improvement of material living standards, people have gradually increased the investment in spiritual life, tourism has become one of the basic needs of life. Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau 7 evening released statistics, National Day Golden Week 7 days, Fujian received a total of more than 21 million 246 thousand and 400 tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 14.9%, total tourism revenue of $14 billion 411 million, an increase of 15.9%. Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Fujian provincial key monitoring of the 23 main scenic area of tourists received a total of 4 million 630 thousand passengers, essentially flat with the same period last year. read more

Sallie, the diversity of you

in Sallie you can have a perfect full Italy meal, there is no fixed package mode here, you can free collocation, as long as you love variety, freedom of choice, to give you an exceptional dining experience.

Sallie introduced the

project Iasi Restaurant

since December 2003, Sallie established Iasi restaurant in Shanghai, Guangzhou, independent accounting in Beijing, Taiwan, Hongkong company, the group in every two or three months. A new rate of rise in Chinese market. Sariya in China to take low-cost and maintain a certain degree of freshness strategy, this strategy has also been successful in the Yangtze River delta. read more

Who should bear the fault of the customer

once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, the people of every hue will encounter, here, will inevitably encounter some mistakes of the customer, customer once made a mistake, then the error should be sent to bear? Here is the case.

in the network, mix for several months, is also a veteran! In the new, many old friends, help me! This is not, this special open, hope for those new friends, some help! Guide new friends write good soft, good sales, at the same time, but also a little advertising atmosphere for the network, more of a share and taste support read more

Top ten health foods

to fall, and people began to tonic time, nutritional supplements can not what a blind plug, but also need to choose more nutritious food, more in line with the tonic food. In short, in Eleventh Century but we pay more attention to the maintenance of this piece, personally think that maintenance emphasizes not only bought a lot more expensive cosmetics to cover up, but eat out of the maintenance, like old people without expensive cosmetics, skin is still very good, ruddy health, have a relationship with the kind of now, the real do more and more fine, there are good and bad side, today I introduce health food list ten. read more

Lanzhou three years of entrepreneurial service achievements significantly more than 15 thousand peop

multi data show that in 2015 the number of entrepreneurs has risen significantly. In Lanzhou, for example, in the past 3 years, Lanzhou has made initial achievements in support for entrepreneurs, with the help of the government’s 15 thousand and 500 entrepreneurs to get nearly $1 billion 400 million in small loans. The time has come.

12 14, a reporter from the Lanzhou City People Club Bureau, nearly three years, the city through the construction of service network, to create a popular project, expand the scope of policy etc., to provide small loans to 1 billion 378 million yuan for 15510 entrepreneurs, and promote the employment of 40822 people. read more

Xinjiang Karamay new year entrepreneurial innovation contest officially started.

as a result of the country’s emphasis on entrepreneurship, so that all over the country at different times will have a variety of entrepreneurial competition, attracting countless entrepreneurs. Xinjiang Karamay new year entrepreneurial innovation contest has officially started, so as to be able to attract more entrepreneurs.

Xinjiang Karamay, new · Qing · in 9 years of entrepreneurial innovation contest started, the event will last more than 3 months, the current enrollment is in an orderly manner. read more

Join sesame seed project management plan

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth! read more

Sweeping robot what brand is good

busy day, who do not want to go home also need to clean up, so the sweeping robot was born, will be able to bring greater convenience to people’s lives. What good is a sweeping robot? From the perspective of the purchase, good sweeping robot should have a variety of cleaning mode, and anti collision anti drop function to humanity, and the use of brush type brush head is not easy to slag and dust and hair wound rather than spiral type dust collecting box is big enough, also need to double filter, when the bathroom with the other the room has no partition or drop, the virtual wall function is very important…… Do you think it’s rather complicated? read more

Shaxian County snacks – how to make the national snacks

snack items do not need too much investment, you can win huge profits in the food and beverage market. But don’t underestimate the 5 dollars a bowl of wonton noodles and all over the country, because the Shaxian County snack bar can be more than 4 billion yuan a year turnover. 4 billion what is the concept? This is equivalent to Quanjude 2010 annual revenues of 3 times, 2 times the 2010 annual operating income of the little sheep.

if the government departments involved in promoting Shaxian County’s "universal snacks", folk financing is the rise of the initial collapse of Shaxian County snacks promoter.

read more

Jiangsu small loan insurance to help small and micro entrepreneurial innovation

now the whole society among some Small and micro businesses has attracted people’s attention, at the same time, local governments are also actively introduce some policies, in order to help many Small and micro businesses to solve a series of problems and the operation process of venture capital.

2015 was founded in February, engaged in the development of network of the trimaran company, by initiating the shortage of funds difficult. The day before, the company from Jiangsu Huaan insurance company and the Construction Bank (601939, shares) jointly launched the "entrepreneurial microfinance guarantee insurance" smoothly under the loan of 100 thousand yuan, is like a timely rain, so that small businesses to buy office equipment etc.. read more

What are the ways to enhance the popularity of new nternet cafes

although the network has entered the tens of thousands of households, computers have become almost every household electrical products necessary. However, the Internet bar still has its existence space, there is a very large market. However, perhaps it is precisely because of the prospects for the development of new Internet cafes began to open. But want to let the new Internet business is booming, it is necessary to enhance the popularity of natural. So, the new Internet cafes to enhance the popularity of the method? read more

Men’s sales skills

a lot of entrepreneurs are playing the man’s idea, men have what sales skills? Men’s clothing store to make money, men’s sales skills must hit me, men’s sales skills for men’s store sales played a great role. Men’s clothing store how to make money? Necessary promotion means is indispensable, today Xiaobian introduce some practical men’s promotion skills!

men’s sales skills: Men’s promotional theme

combined with the characteristics of the major festivals, from the cultural background of the holiday to tap and company products. Then in the promotional activities to create this atmosphere, so that consumers feel the warm atmosphere, consumers are now spending by "feeling", this warm promotions is easy to touch consumers to weak nerves. read more

Sichuan tourism marketing promotion activities held in the United States

economic globalization in the growing, in the market economy, the positive combination of their own characteristics, the effective introduction of their products abroad, and increase international cooperation and cooperation is very necessary! Here, together with the small series of understanding, Sichuan tourism marketing promotion activities held in the United states.

7 month 4 days, reporters from the Provincial Tourism Development Committee learned that the U.S. local time on June 24th to 29, Sichuan tourism marketing promotion activities in the United States of Detroit, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Losangeles four City wonderful debut. In addition to the success of this event in each city to promote tourism in Sichuan, the wonderful debut of Sichuan, not only panda – Panda flash public promotion activities to the American people impressed. read more

What is the name of the underwear store attention

now whether it is operating a shop what the premise of nature is a proper name. However, how to name the shop has become a problem. In fact, as long as we are able to pay attention to the relevant matters, to store a suitable name can also be very simple. So, what are the names of the lingerie store attention?

first, the name of the underwear shop should be short and fine.

company, shop name more than three words in the name of its business with the name of the project is not appropriate, such as feel love underwear, underwear, underwear and other lady, even more than three words, is not the best form of phrase. read more

What are the problems that should be paid attention to

now the domestic early market development speed is very fast, but there are a lot of people began to join the early education market, early education began to be a lot of parents’ attention, many people began to invest in early education market, should pay attention to what the problem.

investment early education industry should pay attention to what the problem? Although early education industry increasingly rich, but it can not reach the ideal state of our. How to join the early education business easier to join the education and training industry needs to know some of the usual accumulation of management knowledge. Next Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction to the industry some tips. read more