Urban and rural residents serious illness medical insurance information system launched in Xining on

took the lead in the implementation of serious illness medical insurance information services

did not expect to have a serious illness to spend so much on the treatment fee, which in the past really do not want to think……" December 25th morning, Li Hongzhan, who lives in the village of Xining, ten, told reporters that even a few did not expect – Li Hongzhan’s father suffering from liver cancer in hospital for treatment, spent a total of more than thirty thousand yuan of medical expenses. NCMS reimbursement of more than ten thousand yuan, urban and rural residents illness insurance and reimbursement for his nearly $seven thousand. When he from the Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University of urban and rural residents serious illness medical insurance information system to see their own medical expenses only a few thousand dollars can not help but sigh with emotion. Although the wind blows cold, but the green hospital outpatient building, the first floor of the hall is as warm as in spring, by Chinese life insurance company Qinghai independent research and development of urban and rural residents medical insurance information system in the province of eight major medical institutions officially launched startup, take the lead in the implementation of medical insurance information service in the country, and live for the four urban and rural areas residents medical insurance beneficiaries to pay nearly forty thousand yuan for the reimbursement of expenses. read more

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Xining industrial and commercial development of hundreds of thousands of rural households to prevent

recently, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau carry out the "thousand Village hundred rural households agricultural anti false propaganda week" activities, to further strengthen the supervision of agricultural market, the escort for the spring.

at the event, Xining city industry and commerce departments first carried out a thorough investigation of the city’s agricultural business entities, the main business focus on verification qualification for pre approval data due or to become due, urging the operators do not have the deadline for completing the subject; business qualifications, in a timely manner for the change or cancellation of contract and procedures; the transfer of business qualification or beyond the scope of operations, were the norm, and agricultural households signed the "agricultural business units responsibility" and "agricultural product quality assurance commitment, education business law-abiding, consciously resist selling fake bad behavior. At the same time, the Xining industry and commerce departments at all levels also consists of 482 administrative villages to send the team into the four law in three counties and 29 townships, for the villagers to explain the false false debate knowledge and "consumer protection law" and other laws and regulations, 56 hanging banners, more than 7 copies of promotional materials, set up publicity panels 159, display fake agricultural and farm tools, agricultural knowledge and organized 8 training courses, training of agricultural business households 298 people. read more

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Xining City, 20 days before the advance payment of 1, 2 and two months low premium

  12 January, the staff of Xining City Chengdong District Civil Affairs Bureau has to have U disk low gold data sent to the bank, the bank will calculate the data according to the staff, will be adopted to the hands of the East District residents object passbook. Chengdong District Civil Affairs Bureau staff said, these two days will receive a minimum target area in January and February two month low premium.

in order to make the basic living difficulties of the masses during the festival are guaranteed, Xining city advance payment of urban and rural residents in January and February low premiums, January 20th urban and rural residents will receive a two month low premium. At present, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Finance Bureau will have minimum subsidy funds allocated to the county. read more

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Xining small and medium manufacturing enterprises will be standardized

in recent years, as the city’s "news", "year" and other work carried out, large enterprises in Xining city can be standardized development, meet the requirements of environmental protection, however, some small and medium-sized production and processing enterprises pollution emission behavior still occur. In order to guide the healthy development of these enterprises, and promote the continuous improvement of environmental quality, and create a more livable urban environment, the city will start this month to carry out a period of 18 months of small and medium enterprises standardized production and processing work. read more

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Xining urban and rural residents medical insurance number reached 1 million 140 thousand

To participate in the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents in Xining City, the public should pay attention to, the 2016 annual insurance premium payment of urban and rural residents in our city will be 31 this month, has insured the number reached 1 million 140 thousand, and part of the urban and rural residents not to handle insurance payment procedures. City Social Security Bureau staff to remind the uninsured residents please handle insurance payment procedures as soon as possible, overdue will no longer accept insurance payment business (except the newborn), at the same time, next year will not enjoy the medical treatment of urban and rural residents. read more

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Again this year, the province of urban and rural standards

In March 3rd, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial government to implement the ten practical livelihood, effectively protect the basic livelihood of the people in urban and rural areas, the province decided to adjust and improve the province’s urban and rural residents minimum living standards, this is the adjustment of our province for eighth consecutive years to improve the urban and rural minimum living standard.

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Kang Nan Area in September there is a new school

Kang Nan area is in my city south mainly focus on the construction of low-income housing a large residential area, with the large number of low-income housing construction area and other surrounding the completion of a residential area, the area formed a large school pressure. This reporter recently learned that the area has finally been able to accommodate more than a thousand students in primary schools – Kang Nan primary school, the primary school is stepping up its construction, in the fall of September 1st this year, the school can be completed delivery.
it is reported that with the expansion of city of our city to improve the implementation of the strategy and accelerate the transformation of the old city, Nanshan Road East extension has been through, on both sides of the road planning and construction of resettlement area gradually, of which the city security construction project of a batch is completed, at the same time, the surrounding residential area or other construction built or are wildly beating gongs and drums in…… The implementation of the New South primary school project, to meet the Kang south area basic education development needs, ensure the south area of the new residents Baokang children can learn, learn well, effectively alleviate the growing pressure from the region.
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Ma Peihua, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of the Central Committee o

7 15 to 17, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Ma Peihua, deputy director of the Central Committee of the Chinese people’s Republic of China to carry out the investigation for a period of 3 days.

During the

inspection, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng to visit the station. Ren Qing Jia, Wang Yubo, Han Jianhua, and so on, accompanied by the investigation and discussion of the forum, and so on, and so on. read more

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19 projects in our province are included in the key projects of China’s cultural industry Library

Reporters from the provincial press and Publication Bureau learned that the list of the Ministry of Culture Industry Department released 2015 annual cultural industry, the Silk Road Cultural Industry and cultural industry and Qiang Yi Corridor key projects, 19 projects in our province are included in the key projects China cultural industry base, selected number ranks first in the country.

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