Marc Bartra releases an emotional letter after the Dortmund bus attack

first_img Marc Bartra se desahoga con una conmovedora carta 14/04/2017 Upd. at 14:31 Sport EN “Thanks to the doctors, nurses, phyisos and people who have helped me recover and that my wrist is fine. To the thousands and thousands of people, journalists, and organisations of all types, BVB and team-mates, that have sent me their support and love.  IN SPORT.ES “The only thing I ask, THE ONLY THING, is that WE ALL live in peace and leave wars behind.  “As small as it may be, it has filled me hugely with the strength to continue onwards, always.center_img “I needed to write and unburden myself and to settle everything, so I can just think about getting back to 100% as soon as possible! Huge regards! “Today I received a visit in hospital that made me so happy. They are everything to me, the reason to always fight to overcome obstacles and this has been the worst of my life, an experience I wouldn’t wish on anybody in the world. The pain, the panic and the insecurity of not knowing what was happening, not even how long it would last… they were the 15 largest minutes of my life. “These days when I look at my wrist, hurt and injured, you know what I feel? Pride. I look at it with pride thinking that in the damage they wanted to cause us on Tuesday, this is what happened.  CEST Former Barcelona centre-back Marc Bartra published the following letter in Spanish on his Instagram account after he was injured in the terrorist attack on Borussia Dortmund’s team bus.  “After all this, I want to say that I think the shock of these days is decreasing more and more, and at the same time the desire is increasing, to live, to fight, to work, to smile, to cry, to feel, to love to believe, to play, to train, to keep enjoying my people, my loved ones, my team-mates, my passion, defending, the smell of the grass that I take in before each game starts to motivate me. To see the stands full of people who love our profession, good people who just want to feel emotions and forget the world in which we live in, an increasingly crazy one.last_img

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