The First Lady is a real lady

first_imgDear Editor,First Lady Sandra Granger, wife of President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, David Granger, is in my opinion one of the finest first ladies that this country has ever seen.Being a strong advocate for women’s rights and national unity, with her role models being impressionable women such as Michelle Obama and Viola Burnham, Guyana’s First Lady is indeed a positive influence for women and children across Guyana and beyond.Since becoming First Lady, Sandra Granger has been engaged in many programmes that aim to build and stimulate the advanced development of the lives and people of Guyana and in doing so; she has become a major role model for many both young and old.First Lady Granger is a strong advocate of equality on every plateau, regardless of gender, race and religion. As the National Chairman of the Universal Federation of Peace (UPF) – Guyana Chapter, an organisation dedicated to peace, harmony, cooperation and growth, I do believe that in years to come, Her Excellency will be a force to reckon with in the social development of our country.After becoming First Lady, she stated that one of her biggest concerns in Guyana is children and their safety and education, and claimed that she desperately wanted to make a difference in these areas. I am very happy that these ambitions were not in vain. I do believe that she will fulfil every promise made to the Guyanese populace.A project of hers that has been highly praised was her promoting of the Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) projects in various communities. She recently launched a STEM Guyana Robotic Camp in Buxton/Friendship, mentioning that she saw all the possibilities of robotics and the increase of knowledge for the young men and women of the varying communities. I honestly cannot wait to see what she does for the people of Guyana during her remaining time in office.Another aspect of her life to be admired is her partnership with her husband, President Granger. In pervious media interviews, the love, respect and admiration for her husband was quite obvious. The First Lady had stated that she believes President Granger was born to fulfil a greater purpose and she was proud to be by his side as he strives to make Guyana greater. In my opinion, this is the epitome of a great partnership.The relationship between the two should be appreciated by all Guyanese and I personally believe that Guyana would have moved further ahead if every politician possessed a partner of the same characteristics as that of First Lady Sandra Granger.Haaji Roshan KhanNational Chairman, UFPlast_img

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