Expired Medicines Dating Back to 1973 Found in Casablanca

first_imgCasablanca – The Minister of Health, Mr. El Houssaine Louardi, has recently announced the discovery of expired medications in Casablanca, dating back to 1973.The Minister announced this shocking news on Tuesday, March 18, before the House of Representatives.“These expired drugs jeopardize the lives of citizens, and thus necessitate urgent intervention,” he noted. “The fact that we (the Ministry of Health) are the last to learn of these expired drugs makes us appear unqualified in the eyes of citizens, especially the beneficiaries of the RAMED plan,” added the Minister.The expired drugs were discovered in public hospitals in Casablanca.In his intervention before the House of Representatives, Mr. Louardi stated, “MAD 2.2 million are spent annually on buying drugs, but because of dysfunctions during the process of storage and distribution, the beneficiaries of RAMED do not benefit from these medications, although it is a right guaranteed by the law.”The Minister advocated entrusting private rather than public companies with the mission of storing and distributing drugs.The Minister also stated that the Ministry of Health does not check the price registered during the inspection of pharmacies, which means that some products may be marketed before their approval.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img

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