s not really a skill for website optimization

before we build the site we must first buy a domain name to build websites, carefully select the domain name of this point. If you are to build the site to play, the careful selection of domain name can be ignored, choose according to their own preferences and interest; of course website for marketing it should pay attention to, because it is related to the future development of the website; Nanning Shanghai dragon team is recommended to choose easy to remember domain name, let users faster we remember the domain name of the website, such as: 58贵族宝贝 these domains we look at to remember, it is helpful to optimize the site; there is the choice and site theme related domain name, such as: you do lose weight, can be written as jianfei贵族宝贝, this can give site points. The purchase of the space is also very important, we must carefully choose space, do not see the cheap buy, it will make you very difficult after optimization, so it is necessary to carefully choose the space, such as space, can the pseudo static, 301 redirect Web log, download and so on these functions are complete. The first function is not used, when the flow can be used, it is necessary to choose a good space.

site navigation includes: main navigation, navigation, breadcrumb navigation, the three navigation is a must on the site, if the lack of a navigation website would give less points, so the website must have the three navigation; navigation signposts users to browse, to guide the user to see us the design of the three navigation website, can get the favour of search engine, Nanning Shanghai dragon of the three design proposals must be conducive to the website optimization of navigation.


website domain name and space techniques

is a website title and description in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very important, including the title of the site we need to improve the keywords, so when writing the title must be careful, because this will affect the future development of the website. Nanning Shanghai dragon team to introduce the matters needing attention in writing the title, 10 million do not stack keywords in the title and description, because the love of Shanghai now search techniques are very mature, so this method has no stack keywords used. 2. can be used to love Shanghai word to write the headlines more effectively to attract users to click. 3. write the title should not exceed 30 characters, because more than 30 characters in search engine results which is not show all the characters to write the title, so no more.


in the A5 forum I saw a novice in Shanghai asked the Dragon optimization is not really what skills, my answer is: there is some skills; to see how you use, if you use the search engine in violation of the rules will be punished, so here to tell you reasonable use of these techniques. The Nanning Shanghai dragon team to the specific analysis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques include.

design skills

wrote the title and description techniques

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