Behind the achievement is a dull job and a long wait

Shanghai dragon is also almost a year in retrospect, every day is to content and outreach and mechanical struggle, have good and bad results. Both the content and the chain its technical content is not high. Do a simple Shanghai dragon is the way to understand the principle of Shanghai dragon can be fully extended for other people to do. I think we should search engines who are elusive, especially love Shanghai, often engage in a surprise attack like Google so regularly. I want to have the content and the chain experience and share with you.

The first

second site outside the chain

1, high quality Links. The exchange also sold. Of course, selling links are generally relatively high weight of the site, but before buying a little good to analyze his website to prevent other websites have suspected cheating, and then affect their own website. Exchange Links is generally the same level of exchange between sites, there are many such resources, in the webmaster online every day there are a lot of different sites to exchange links, but also have a special link to the QQ group, but also to prevent cheating.

The 2, write soft


. Soft power is great, a soft Wen wrote good can bring rapid effect to the site, and the effect of time than other long. Soft Wen is not to say that the contents of the article are some soft gorgeous beautiful words can be, at least if the original article, and the article also had valuable content. The first time I wrote an article in the A5>

original article you should also know better than me, if we stand in love Shanghai spider’s point of view, if every day to grab things back after analysis, many web pages or similar information, will not think this will have a negative impact on Internet users and friends, in the course of time also reduces the user trust in the site even the internet. So the search engine will mercilessly filter out content and the same page, so that the sites also have a fair competition. The writing is not good friends or to optimize the website information content is not very understanding, also can be false original. The past is nothing more than the pseudo original articles on the combination or get rid of synonyms, etc. to achieve the purpose of changing the paragraph order. Now the search engine upgrade system, if you continue to do so, that day will be K. In fact, an article in the first paragraph and the last paragraph we can write a middle content through a down to achieve the purpose of rendering and, although this is not original, but at least in the original article has injected new information, is a eighty percent of the original. The description does not necessarily have to copy the first paragraph of the text, in fact, as long as it can describe the main contents of the article, also can write their own description, generally not more than one hundred words.

site outside the chain more more weight to the pages included in general will improve the site’s ranking. There are many ways of the chain, in my experience, the source of the chain are the following:

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