Details determine success Homepage link allocation techniques


homepage is high weight page born, taking full advantage of the home itself, on the website of the overall optimization plays a very important role, including the home page optimization should pay attention to a lot of details, like the number, distribution and strategy of home link link, below I explain in detail the connection point of the home page allocation techniques.

three, the home page connection point

Note: 3, the number of optimization strategy of

statistics when users browse the web page browsing general key areas to F, because the search engine is to simulate the human thinking mode of analysis and included on the site, so that the keyword search website ranking, website so important products or news in this area is ideal, the search engine will give high weight.

The number of

1, enterprise website: first for the important corporate websites is to sell products and give the user trust in your enterprise products, so our strategy is to put on your company profile and cooperation in horizontal navigation on successful cases. On the left navigation information on the classification of the product in order to show the products, from the user experience to consider this is customer love, convenient for customers to find their own suitable products, comprehensive investigation to consider whether you buy this product. From Shanghai dragon aspect, the left navigation in the F region, the search engine will be special treatment, my view is that will provide a higher weight, so if the home page has a very high weight, it will bring a high ranking to the product page.


2, portal website portal is mainly to provide users with information platform, the current hot spots, military dynamic, lace news is the public attention on the news. The >


2, F portal site layout connection point: horizontal navigation placed above the site type of the channel, facilitate the users to choose their own news type, in the current hot spots the prominent position on the recent concern.

2, a small door connection point usually around the apartment layout website 300—500.

home page connection point is on the front page of all chain to the other page links.

query tool Firefox web connection point of the Shanghai dragon quake plug-in, links is the number of links.

The distribution of

, what is the homepage link point

1, enterprise website F layout connection point: the main push products on the left navigation on the classification of products, give the product to display prominently.

two, the formulation of the

1, enterprise website connection point of general control is appropriate in 70—100.

home page link

four, home page link

large portal links in more than 1000, such as: Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other large portals.

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