5 star rating system is not reliable s there a better choice for movie sites


believes that many people find the movie resources on the Internet, will first take a look at the film’s score, and then select a relatively high score to watch the movie, one of the important reasons is that the film too much, but we have a limited time. What is the evaluation standard of good and bad films, it has become an unavoidable reflection of Hamlett’s style, a lot of people feel tangled, confused. Some people say, go to IMDB to see TOP250; some people say, go to the watercress movie to see the score. Others say, watch the box office, watch the director, watch the actors. In short, opinions vary, the public said that the public and reasonable, the woman said, "good reason,


discussion, or go to the movie audience given score more reliable, after all, people’s eyes are sharp, the key moment or to the masses and points to the same front, I believe the power of the masses. Even in some films, there will be extreme final evaluations in the evaluation. At present, the more common movie scoring system is 5 star system, we are more familiar with watercress and IMDB are so. But a foreign website called Goodfilms on this score system raised objections, they think the 5 star rating system too one-sided, can convey limited information, and gives his view that a reasonable grading system. The following is the main content of the article:

5 star scoring system (average score)

in essence, the average score is a weighted average of all the scores in the film, and then a number. This approach may seem useful because, after all, it saves a lot of time for the user to decide whether a movie is worth seeing. If you find that the average IMDB of a movie (Internet Movie Database) score of 3.5 or more stars, then this movie is also good or at least worth a look, and a lot of people love this movie (you don’t love is something else). If the score is lower than the star, you may be hesitant to see. But the problem is that the only use of this method is to tell you whether a movie is worth seeing, and there is no deeper meaning.

histogram is even worse,

if you see the average score is not enough, then the score will be visually displayed through the histogram. In this way, if the score shows a two grade differentiation, then you may feel the film is not very good. But in fact, the histogram display is pretty bad. Let’s take a real case to illustrate:


more than the histogram, in addition to telling you that these three movies belong to 3.5-4.5 star, I do not know what message can convey. (in fact, the author’s point of view does not quite agree with Xiao Bian.) we can also see how many people like a movie. After all, this >

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