Content electricity supplier into the era of the main theme, Taobao began to do from the media, said

September 14th, mobile phone Taobao in Beijing officially launched the content open program". Taobao also had to catch up "the content supplier of the trend of escalation in the consumer this breeze, from the red book, Enjoy, penguin and guide to some news headlines, portal application products hope users into related goods and services to consumers.

, and Taobao, the huge business platform, is now turning back, making a great deal of content, and is setting up an ecosystem of the vast numbers of creators. Taobao said, with 110 million active users of mobile phones, Taobao, has become the world’s largest mobile shopping APP. Based on the user base, hand wash will be fully open "Taobao headlines" and "good" and "red circle" and "love shop" plate, let the media and consumer advocate the attitude of various media, editors, from the media, community and shopping app settled platform.

mobile phone Taobao CPS will test the water (according to the guide into becoming CPS+ (CPC) click the Commission), the seller set Commission 70% of which can be obtained by the content provider, Amoy hand to plan the next 3 years, with high-quality original content into 2 billion commission.

held in the recent "content writer global recruitment activities, content creators" Ou Miss Fan "in 7 days time Taobao mobile phone to transport hundreds of high-quality content, a total of 136 thousand yuan commission. Site AMII costumes also use 100 thousand yuan to shoot with the "European Miss Fan" content cooperation rights.

later, Taobao will also help with sina, micro-blog cooperation, further integration of red talent and talent resources, the two sides will open up content.

Why did

choose to publish now,


a few days ago, today’s headlines just released support from the media news, mobile phones Taobao also began to support the original content, to be separated from the media. Jiang Fan said: "we have been in the content and opening up for a long time to try, and now we feel that the time has come, but officially launched.". The content of hand washes is not only text, but also pictures, videos and so on. As long as the quality of the content, we can absorb."

has been a social predecessor,

, as 36 krypton author reported before, Taobao has a social heart, made contacts, and made a similar post bar, right?". All along, Taobao hopes to take the "social – electricity supplier" line, and now the idea emphasizes the content – electricity supplier". Jiang Fan explained that the two pieces do not conflict, and even if the content business is now released, social networking will continue to do so.


limit the content and identity of those who are in it,


Taobao says it won’t set the threshold, and all the content that can be associated with the user is >

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