Xining 5 years of renovation so that garbage is no longer around the village

Full of weeds, the village is covered with thick soil, the villagers home piled up debris, past in the countryside, this garbage everywhere phenomenon is common. Starting this year, Xining will carry out a comprehensive rural garbage 5 years of special action, so that the rural living environment more beautiful.

to do a good job in agricultural and pastoral areas of special garbage treatment work, improve rural living garbage reduction, recycling and harmless levels, and improve rural living environment, combined with the actual development of the rural areas of Xining special rectification work to implement the views of garbage. Identified since 2015, Xining rural refuse rectification and rural "three, five, cure six disorder" village environment of unity, combined with promoting the plateau beautiful countryside construction, carry out a comprehensive 5 year special action. By the end of 2015, the county and the City Park Village, rural suburbs to establish long-term mechanism of environmental sanitation management in rural areas, sanitation facilities, environmental sanitation to maintain regular cleaning, garbage Nissan Nissin, closed gathering rate reached 100%, harmless treatment rate reached more than 90%. After all, three county established "rural living garbage in rural areas, county town village collection, transport" collection, transportation and processing system, the city’s more than 90% villages living garbage be treated effectively reverse the village environment dirty and messy situation, to establish a comprehensive management system of rural garbage treatment of urban and rural. The formation of long-term mechanism of rural garbage treatment, agricultural and pastoral areas to enhance the quality of living environment.


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