Qinghai tourism ushered in a revolution in public toilets

June 2nd at 11 am, the reporter came to have a small plateau of the south, said the Guide County, an endless stream of tourists in the waterwheel plaza. The shore of a yellow and white "public toilet" eye-catching, into a look, clean and hygienic, no smell. According to Ms. Xu said the manager, she contracted the toilet free of charge, the toilet charges per person (Times) for one yuan, up to hundreds of dollars per day, at least tens of dollars. Charges to their own, but must be responsible for environmental health inside and outside the toilet. At the same time, opened a small shop in the toilet area, paid for tourists to provide drinks, food and other daily necessities. To a large extent, provide convenience for personal income.

this to a certain extent has become a normal tourist attractions in Qinghai. However, this situation does not change the situation of public health toilets, not to mention the fact that every year in the province’s tourism peak season, the problem of difficult to use the toilet toilet. In the individual ace in the overcrowded area, public toilets, toilet paper, toilet everywhere smell, people are not under foot in place, not to mention that these managers to improve health.

and between the scenic spot and scenic spot in our province distance, many roads are difficult to set up public toilets, few people tread, the humble farmhouse let many foreign tourists do not want to enter the toilet.

also so, in 2015, with the further implementation of the "toilet revolution", our province will further increase the tourism toilet construction plans to the new tourism toilets 103, to 2017, in the province for the construction of 500. At the same time, one after another Shiyibuque, upgrading, upgrading, maintenance improvement, renovation and expansion, unremittingly, the toilet revolution as a long-term task.

solicit experts, visitors, design units, unified design, logo, determine the appearance of the architectural style and interior construction standards in the tourism toilet, architectural style, exterior signage design and tourism toilets, public toilets to ensure the unity of Qinghai tourism, the province’s highway traffic tourism toilet appearance identification more eye-catching, public information graphic the symbol is complete, can identify the characteristics of strong. In accordance with the principle of reasonable, scientific, convenient, public toilets mainly in the construction of the highway, relying on the town, gas stations, scenic spots and tourist attractions and other tourist attractions.In order to solve the

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