Xining Railway Station hub reconstruction and related project construction in full swing

September 18th, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company of Xining Railway Station hub renovation construction headquarters in the new vehicle section is located in the Hamlet started swearing, marking the construction of Xining Railway Station renovation investment budget of 8 billion 223 million 690 thousand yuan, the planned duration of 2.5 years and the related project in full swing.

it is understood that the transformation of the Xining Railway Station and related engineering including the implementation of the completion of the Xining West transition engineering, Yushu earthquake relief and post disaster reconstruction project of Xining North emergency transportation center; Xining is building building engineering; the upcoming construction of the extension project of Xining Railway Station yard, freight car, bus depot (including the whole bus service the depot) and renovation project, the new car use, Xining East machine and double walled freight center, perfect North Xining cargo center, Ning branch XiaoQiao Railway Station to the western end of Xining north station reconstruction project of electrification of existing lines. With the start of the new project, the transformation of the Xining Railway Station and related construction projects into the implementation phase, the project is expected to be completed in 2014.

"a difficult, two short, three, more than and 4 is a difficult problem in the construction of the Xining Railway Station renovation and engineering faces." According to the Xining Railway Station hub Qinghai Tibet railway reconstruction project construction headquarters deputy commander Wang Chao introduced since the project of new construction land of 4300 acres, 2 million 80 thousand square meters of housing demolition, the village (neighborhood) people involved 8087 households, enterprises and schools 26, land acquisition is difficult. At the same time, the construction time is short, effective construction period is short, the maintenance of stability, safety and duration of pressure, coupled with the site, construction in winter, with the required property unit of many influence factors and existing construction etc., which brings a great challenge to the builders.

at present, in the construction of the Xining station project has been completed part of line side of the main building of reinforced concrete construction, began to enter the indoor wall masonry and indoor hydropower installation and steel structure of the roof assembly and installation stage; elevated station building completed independent foundation. A total area of 983 thousand and 500 square metres of buildings; the supervision and construction units have been formed in the project management organization, management and technical head are all in place, high standard, high quality and high efficiency to promote the construction of. (author: Xingzi)


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